Friday, November 20, 2009

November Fun Day{s}: Fall!

October was the busiest month EVERY…so, we lumped some of our October plans with the November ones to make one giant Fall Theme. We did these activities over the course of a few days. And, even though it was fun and easier on me, Quinn would wonder why we didn’t have more games! So, I think he likes the packed day-o-fun! …But, with a baby in my belly, I’m sure he’ll be THANKFUL for what I give him! :) … Anyway, the Fall Fun started with the token first grade Big Book! He always loves it! …beginning of I'm Thankful Day 018 Then, it was on to a little Mr. Potato Pumpkin Game! Quinn thought it was so funny to add the parts to his pumpkin! And, he loved changing it out when he’d spin an object again. We played for this for MUCH longer than I had anticipated…which made me happy! …beginning of I'm Thankful Day 013beginning of I'm Thankful Day 012  beginning of I'm Thankful Day 014 beginning of I'm Thankful Day 015 Then, we did a Montessori like activity with spiky balls, a bug catcher, a pumpkin ice tray and a paint circle. He would move the balls from one place to the other…trying not to cheat with his hands. He got a little frustrated but got so much better by the end. …beginning of I'm Thankful Day 016 And that was all before breakfast. It was fun for Q to eat little servings of cereal bar, cheerios, yogurt and a cookie in his Pumpkin ice tray…beginning of I'm Thankful Day 017

We had some special stories and a fun movie throughout the day…including these…I just loved Garfield’s Thanksgiving (and Halloween and Christmas) as a kid!!! Q loves it too…

51KGY31T2XL__SL500_AA280_ 51xQjjq0soL__SL500_AA240_ h12828 That evening, I pulled out the paints and had Quinn paint fruits and veggies for the cornucopia. beginning of I'm Thankful Day 020

While we were waiting for them to try, we read this book…mostthankscov2…then, I had Quinn tell me what he was thankful for. His answers were so cute…so I wrote them on the food for the cornucopia! Isn’t it pretty!??!… beginning of I'm Thankful Day 025After that, Q and colored some turkey pieces and I had him hand them to me in order. Then, he helped me tape them on the turkey for his feathers. He loves going up to the turkey on the fridge and tries to count it by himself. The one-to-one correspondence is still tough. And, every number is assigned to a Thomas train in his mind. I don’t know if #1 will ever have any meaning except for the fact that it’s Thomas’ number! :) …beginning of I'm Thankful Day 026

And, to completely RUIN our dinner, we made pumpkin fluff (recipe    on Wearing Gackey’s Apron) and ate it with graham crackers! YUMMMY!!! beginning of I'm Thankful Day 021 beginning of I'm Thankful Day 022 beginning of I'm Thankful Day 023

On another afternoon, we made “Squishy Bags!” The recipe is super easy and Quinn loved watching the red and yellow change to orange. Margie's Shower & More Fall Fun 012Margie's Shower & More Fall Fun 013Margie's Shower & More Fall Fun 015

We had fun with our Thanksgiving muffin tin lunch one day…MTM THanksgiving Dinner 006 And, painted a turkey hand that same afternoon!!!…MTM THanksgiving Dinner 002MTM THanksgiving Dinner 005 To finish our Fall fun, we read another fun story and did a little folder game to go with it. Q thought it was funny! …

Footie Jammies 002And, he’s still begging for more." Do you have more punkin games, momma!?” is what I hear EVERYDAY! Glad my effort pays off! :) …

I do have one leaf activity left, but with the Christmas decor starting to come out of the attic, I just can’t be motivated to do it!

But, we still have these stories to enjoy on the way to Thanksgiving…

the-night-before-thanksgiving  Jacket

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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kinsey said...

i LOVE these days you do with him. his little hand painted like a turkey was my favorite from this :-)

and congrats on the new baby!