Friday, October 16, 2009

“With or Without You…” –U2

So, Matt went to the U2 concert without me! Even though I was SUPER jealous, I loved that he had such a good time. An ex-student from his youth ministry gave him a ticket for his birthday, and he’s been looking forward to it ever since! …Needless to say, they had a GREAT time! They had awesome seats (ok, not really seats…they were in the standing section) and rocked out with U2 in the packed (and brand new) Cowboy’s Stadium! Thankfully, he took my little pink camera to capture some of the concert…and, he did a great job…it looked SO cool! …But, we made a deal…the next concert will be with me instead of without me!!! :) U2 & Toy Story 082U2 & Toy Story 017 U2 & Toy Story 019 U2 & Toy Story 034

I love this one…look at all of those cameras! :) …U2 & Toy Story 038 U2 & Toy Story 046 U2 & Toy Story 052 U2 & Toy Story 063My favorite U2 song…Beautiful Day

U2 & Toy Story 071

Matt said that this was such a cool moment! Bono started with Amazing Grace and led into Where the Streets Have No Name! But, he ran out of video!!!!…I still think it’s cool…

Another cool story from the concert…Bono selected a person from the audience to walk around with him during a song. That person was our worship leader’s little brother!!!! He ended up giving him his glasses and everything!!!! WOW!

Matt & Spencer…crazy U2 FANS! Matt said that Spencer knew EVERY word to EVERY song! What a special birthday gift he gave to Matt…one that will never be forgotten! …U2 & Toy Story 085

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Kelly | Fabulous K said...

We were there was a good show but I think MUSE was better than U2. :)