Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My husband, the Youth Pastor!

My husband has been a youth pastor for 13 years!!! He started in college…with his own little church in Winters, Texas…and, in the next years went on to be the “cool guy” at a church in Abilene, a church in Waco and a church in Allen. Then, after being married for 3 short months, he got the job as the Youth Pastor at Four Corners Church in Plano. It’s there that I totally fell in love with how good my husband was at his job! Seriously, if you know him, you know that the title “youth pastor” fits him perfectly! Because of the way that he can instantly relate with kids…especially that typical 7th grade boy {ha!}…he had a way of making them feel comfortable and safe. I love to sit back and watch him interact with students, and, way before Quinn, I knew he would make a great Daddy!

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Besides the fun stuff, I love how my husband knows the Word. I am always amazed at the scripture that he can retain, the stories that he knows the details of, and the way that he can tie them all together to produce the most excellent message. As I listened to countless sermons that he preached to the youth, I never left without a challenge in my heart! He is so talented…and never preaches a “ho-hum” sermon. He’s good…he’s relatable…and he makes me proud!

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So, for the last {almost 7} years that he has carried this title, I have walked beside him as a “Youth Pastor’s Wife!” At first, I wasn’t so sure if I liked the title…since I was only about 4 years older than the kids he was ministering to…but, it didn’t take me long to truly enjoy the Wednesday  night craziness, the girly Bible studies, the gazillions of games, the fundraisers, and the hugs that I would receive every time I walked into “the warehouse!” Even though I may not be the one on stage participating in the crazy games or making a fool of myself time after time, I love being married to a man that does! I love that he’s silly…that he’s spontaneous…that he has NO inhibitions…and that he’s passionate!!! …

IMG_2981 IMG_2969


  Judea Project 114 IMG_0653  IMG_2955But, after those 13 years, the time came for him to move on to a new calling. Even though he is now the “Connections Pastor” at our church, I have a feeling that Matt will always use the latest and greatest “cool words,” will rarely decline an invite to a High School Football game, and will always be up for a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Regardless of his title, I will always be proud that my husband was a “youth pastor” and that I was his wife. IMG_2889 IMG_3201 untitled noise camp 07

…And, in tribute to him and ALL YOUTH PASTORS…take a look at this HILARIOUS video!!!! I was seriously CRYING I was laughing so hard! It couldn’t be more DEAD ON!!! …

All of this to say…Matt Poe, I love you and am so proud of all that you accomplished as a Youth Minister! You are so very gifted and the lives that you have changed are countless!!! Thank you for always being a good youth minister while being a great Daddy & husband at the same time! (And, always staying true to those “awkward side hugs!) I can’t wait to see how God uses you in the next 13 years!!!…You’re TGTBT!!!…BGP


Mary said...

Great accomplishment!! I always tell my friend Carley, (a youth pastor's wife,) that I don't know how she does it! My hubby just volunteers and we are always presented with such tough situations that we then have to involve her husband in...to be the one it all falls on is a tough job! And being that persons' wife is a tough job in itself. I know that from being her friend so my hat is off to both of you. Funny pictures and the video is awesome!

OH and I forgot to comment on your post before this one...that boy of yours has the prettiest eyes EVER.

Remy said...

First, I thought that was Spencer. Second, That was hilarious!

Laura said...

How awesome that Matt escaped the typical PK life to glorify God as a youth pastor! What a sweet tribute to his ministry.

Jennifer said...

That video is hilarious! My husband is a youth pastor too-it's all so true! HA! Congrats on Matt's new position.

Donnell Days said...

What a sweet post! Loved it! :)

Unknown said...

Makes my "buttons pop" just to think of Matt's love for the Lord and his willingness to serve Him.
Love you, Brittney, and can't wait to see all three of you Thanksgiving.