Monday, October 12, 2009

Muffin Tin Munchies: “Dip Its”

Quinn's MTMSince Matt has gone to the U2 concert tonight (rough, huh?…and SO NOT FAIR!!!), we decided to spice up our night by having a Muffin Tin Munchies. So, I used what we had and made a “dip its” themed muffin tin. Quinn loves to dip EVREYTIHNG and has started calling them “dip its!” (For example: “Can I have some of your ‘dip it,’ Mommy?!”) It’s cute! So, tonight, I put six food items in the spaces and filled six extra bowls with a specific “dip it” for each item! And, we ate it picnic style! Quinn was SO excited when he saw it…clapping and jumping up and down and saying, “YAYYYY MOMMMYY!!”  ToyStory & Dip Its MTM 025 Clockwise from top left:
*bananas and peanut butter
*carrots and ranch
*chicken nuggets and ketchup
*oreos and icing
*tortilla chips and hot sauce
*graham crackers and yogurt

Quinn loved it…ate almost all of it…and got a little creative with his “dip its!” At one point, the graham cracker had yogurt and icing…and the carrot had peanut butter!!! Whatever works! :) ToyStory & Dip Its MTM 026 ToyStory & Dip Its MTM 028And, as I type, I’m closing my eyes and listening to “Sweetest Thing!” It’s just as good as being there, right…even if I do hear Thomas the Train in the background! ;)


Be Brave, Keep Going said...

so glad to see you and your family continue to enjoy my meme/blogcarnival "muffin tin monday" can't believe it's been a year over at my blog.

Your son looks like he is having so much fun with it!

Hayley said...

Such a great idea!

Now more importantly, how did you miss out on the U2 concert :-)