Monday, August 24, 2009

Today was a good day…

…I, thanks to my hard working husband, didn’t have to have a first day of school today. (for the THIRD year!) I am so thankful for that and for him.

…My little man got to play with his sweet buddy, Cruse, while his Mommy & I chatted the morning away. cruse 002 cruse 005 cruse 007

…I got Quinn a really cool new pair of jeans and fun puzzle…for less than $15.00!

…I spent a long time working that puzzle with my little man in the middle of our living room. He loves quality time. I think it’s his love language. As well as gifts…and touch. Maybe he has lots of love languages.

…I didn’t have to use a vacuum to clean up the enormous mess that Q made with his crackers. My sweet puppies did the job for me! :) cruse 008

…I got to talk on the phone to another sweet friend…for too long…about clothes and haircuts and other things that don’t matter! It was so fun.

…Our precious Mock-a-moly had her baby boy! …after a crazy hard labor and delivery! Bless her precious heart! Can’t wait to meet Titus tomorrow!

…I actually got on Facebook. And, when I did, I found these pictures from sweet Kaylynn’s wedding! PRICELESS!  6054_1151429184188_1181372975_30457843_3802885_n   {My husband, the preacher man, embarrassed by that first kiss…so cute!…}6054_1151429744202_1181372975_30457857_7237198_n 6054_1151431624249_1181372975_30457902_942636_n 6054_1151431664250_1181372975_30457903_2519511_n 6054_1151432224264_1181372975_30457915_6357510_n 6054_1151433064285_1181372975_30457933_2656075_n

…I got to end my day listening to the laughter of my husband and little boy as the wrestled on the floor and got a few too many kisses from Krozby.

krozby 002

 Give thanks to the Lord because he is good.
Psalm 107:1

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Kara Wilson said...

What a precious, sweet post!! I love it! :) So glad you had such a happy day- sometimes I have to remind myself it is the simple things in life that make the days so good!!! :) Oh, & I love the pics from the wedding- so cute!! Love ya!