Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hello World…

It’s us…the Poe Fam!

It was so good to see you today! Until today, we’ve been pretty quarantined to the house {minus the occasional trip to the doctor, RedBox movie rental, pharmacy or grocery store!}

Since we have all been under the weather (ANNOYING!!!…how does it all happen at once?), since Matt is still in pretty good bad pain, and since people from the church have been graciously bringing us meals and coming to our house to have meetings with Matt, we haven’t had much reason to leave the casa. But, today, we got showered, ‘for real’ dressed (Bless my baby’s heart…he hasn’t been in something other than cotton shorts & a T for weeks), and took Daddy to PT. Then, Q and I had a little Mommy/Son date for breakfast at Chick fil A. So fun! We came home and rested for most of the afternoon and then took Daddy to church tonight. After that, Q and I just had to stop off at Ross and spent $27.00…but with that $27.00 we got some cool Spider Man jammies, 2 fun summer dresses, a pitcher to add to my collection, and part of a wedding gift! WOW! …It was so nice to be in the land of the living again! :)

Here’s my sweet little man at ChickFilA today…driving the clock! :)  He’s such a hoot these days!…

Driving the Clock

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kristin fulghum said...

so cute! i love the way he says chick fil a.