Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brittneythew Chapter Nine: Down, Across & Up

After a few more Baylor memories {my first Baylor Homecoming as an alumni & Matt’s last Sunday at FBC Valley Mills}, things were about to change!

         {That’s Matt Poe in the BU Homecoming parade for the Rec Team…}

IMGHappy Halloween! The otherwise insignificant holiday became the best when my guy moved to Allen on October 31, 2002. And, not only did he move to Allen, he moved to my apartment complex…just about 30 steps from my door. You’d just go down one flight of stairs, across one building, and up one flight of stairs. It was so hard to believe!

                                           {Move-in day with JWood!}…IMG_0001After a promised job went south (long, yucky story), Matt was hired as the Youth Ministry Assistant at First Baptist Church Allen. And, it was such an answer to prayer.  He was able to work alongside a good buddy from college at a church larger than he’d ever worked at before. …And, he was also working at JCrew at Stonebriar Mall on the side!

And, then life became a little more normal for us. We felt like a real dating couple. (Poor Alli!) We spent every moment together and did so many fun things! …Horse Races, Stars games, movies, playing games at the apartment, school events, watching TV…just being together so often was a dream! IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007IMG_0013                   {Matt with “Clifford” before school one morning!}…IMG_0008 One of our funniest memories was when Alli and I were just hangin’ out at home (probably watching Friends reruns and vegging after a long day at school), and we heard a scratching in the vent in Alli’s bathroom. Crazy enough, it was a bird. So, I called our “knight in shining armor” to come over and deal with it. … He quickly opened the vent and the bird flew crazily around our apartment. After some coaxing, he got the bird out. It was hilarious! …IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004 And, to make our relationship even more serious, Matt came home with me for Thanksgiving. It was so fun to have him a part of something “family!” And, little did I know, he was having a pretty serious conversation with my mom and dad! {Wink! Wink!}  IMGIMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011                  {Our first wishbone…I WON!…Wonder what I wished!?:)…}IMG_0012Coming Soon:

Chapter Ten: Our First Ornament Exchange

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