Friday, March 27, 2009

Two Years Old

My sweet little love,
You are TWO! How did that happen? How did I become the momma of a running, jumping, conversing toddler? I still find myself looking at you and not believing that you're mine! But, at the same time, I can't imagine my life without you! ...
You make us laugh. ALL of the time. Since you're a very good talker, you always seem to say things that surprise us. You have started asking yourself questions so that you can answer yourself. It's hilarious to hear you say, "What color's Thomas?...Thomas is blue!" So cute! ...In your growing independence, you want to do things yourself but don't quite have the pronouns down yet. Everything is "my"..."my do hold get find it..."etc. It's one of those things that I'm not quite ready to correct. Another thing that makes us laugh all of the time is your polite attitude after you burp or toot..."Smoose me," you'll say with a big smile on your face. Then you'll proceed by saying, "that's nice!" You're a mess!
You make us proud. You are starting to potty train and are doing pretty good. You want to try and like sitting on your little potty to earn stickers. We'll see how long it takes...but at least you're starting! ...You know so much for only being on this earth for 2 know your colors so well, you know your uppercase and some lowercase letters, you know numbers 1-10 by sight(Thanks to Thomas) and can count into the teens. You know lots of your shapes, many of the names of dinosaurs, how to distinguish between different types of trucks (digger, crane, cherry picker, dump truck, Ford pick up and more), and almost any animal we show you. I love to teach you and am amazed by how quickly you pick things up. ...But, our proudest moment was when you started praying all by yourself. Daddy would usually pray and you would repeat, but a few weeks ago, Daddy said "Dear Jesus," and you said..."Dear Jesus...kank ku Mommy, kank ku Daddy, kank ku food, kank ku trains...kank ku airplanes...Amen!" I cried and cried at your precious accomplishment and pure little heart. You amaze me!
You help us out. You love to do things to help...every time I clean, you want a part of it, you love to help pick up your toys (while singing the "Clean up" song), you help water the plants, throw away your trash, and give your leftover food to the puppies. You also are so good to go and get them out of their cage when we get home! It's amazing how much those tiny things really do help a Momma out!

You make rides in the car more fun. Often times, you will watch a movie or a show. You always have an opinion about what you want to watch. But, when you aren't watching something, you love to sing your "Bible berses" songs with me, you love to dance to fun songs on the radio, you LOVE to look outside at all of the construction, and you L.O.V.E. to watch it rain. You'll talk about the bubbles that you see and will sing the "Pitter Patter Pit" song that Mammer taught you. You've also started enjoying going to the car wash. It used to scare you, but now you look forward to the "dancing" brushes.
You entertain us at meal time. When you wake, you're usually ready for "beh-pest" and love to eat your cereal bar, yogurt, fruit, cinnamon bread, toast with peanut butter, waffles, and/or milk. You still sit in your high chair for almost every breakfast. Then, lunch, if we're at home, usually consists of a turkey or peanut butter and jelly sandwich, applesauce, pasta salad, fruit, yogurt, cheese, crackers, chips, water, and/or Capri Sun juice in your Dwink holder. (a genius invention, by the way) You're usually a pretty good eater at lunch time and like to sit in the chair "wip (with) you momma." You don't really like using a booster, so you have a hard time reaching the table, but that's ok. ... Some of our favorite out and about lunch places are Peter Piper Pizza, Chick-fil-a, McDonald's (where you ate a WHOLE cheeseburger a few weeks ago), Taco Bueno, Whataburger and mall pizza! ... For dinner, you usually eat bits and pieces of what I cook. I try to never make your your very own meal because I want you to like my food! But, you'll NEVER eat veggies...minus the occasional bite of salad, guacamole, and pickles. Oh well!
You have such a great memory. Even when we haven't been to someplace for weeks or months, you'll remember something about it from the last time we were there! I'm always shocked to hear you bring up things that I often don't even remember. For example, EVERY time we're at Wal-Mart, you HAVE to go see the fish and say "see fish" the second we walk in the door. Of course, we do!!!...Daddy and I were also amazed when you were watching Dancing with the Stars and heard them dancing to "Life is a Highway." You immediately started smiling, dancing and said, "Like Cars!!!" (from the movie!) We couldn't believe that you could connect that!!! Maybe you got this talent from your Mammer! (because goodness knows your Momma can't find her way to her front door from her front yard!)
You love to play. We thank Santa everyday for getting you your train table! You LOVE it so much and play with it for hours! Your imagination just comes alive when you're talking to Thomas and all of his friends. You love other things in your playroom too...your books, all of your toys from you birthday (lots of alphabet games, puzzles, etc.) your trucks and more. I love it that you love your playroom, because, since it's my "office" too, it allows me to get some work done for Two-Five (or do some blogging) while you play. ...Since our upgraded backyard, you love to be outside even more than before. It's so cute to watch you run, slide, climb and kick you ball in your goal. You enjoy coloring (you hold your crayon so nicely and are even attempting to stay in the lines sometimes) and you LOVE to play with stickers. You'll stick stickers on a page for long periods of time. ...And, of course you love playing with your friends. At playgroup or at church, you light up when I tell you we're going to see your friends. I love watching you interact with other little people!
You love to sing. And, you have such a pretty little voice. Our favorite songs to hear you sing are the ones about Jesus. (Jesus Loves Quinn, Zacchheas, Jesus is Alive Today, Hallelujah) It just makes our hearts smile! We also love to hear you sing your ABC's, Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Sunshine Song, Twinkle Twinkle, Shake Your Body (from Backyardigans), your show theme songs, Abba Dabba and so many more that I'm sure I'm forgetting. It's so precious!!!
You're growing up. Along with the potty training, you're also {slowly} letting go of your "that"! You NEVER have it during the day anymore, (except for the occasional sad day in your class at church) and will spit or throw it into your bed before you get out. You'll say, "my don't need that!" I'm really in no hurry to get rid of it completely, but I'm thankful that you're using it so little.
You allow us to sleep. {Most of the time.} You now go to bed around 9:30ish (sometimes earlier, sometimes later depending on Daddy's schedule) and don't give us much fuss to go to bed. We get you in your jammies, give you your "that" and let you love on Daddy for a little while. Then, I take you to your room, wrap you in your blanket and read stories to you in your room. We'll sing and pray, and, usually after 5 to 10 minutes you'll say "go bed, Mommy!" I put you down and we don't hear from you after that. Most of the time you sleep through the night. Sometimes you wake, but it doesn't take long to console you. After being a "good sleeper," you wake up at 7 something. (once again, sometimes earlier, sometimes later!) Daddy almost always goes to get you and brings you into bed with us. You'll crawl all over us and snuggle for a good while. We'll often turn on the T.V. at your request to "watch shows!" ... For nap time, you usually go bed around 2:00 and sleep for 2 to 3 hours. When you wake, you're usually so happy...jumping in your bed when I get there and so ready to get a big hug! I'm always so happy to see you too!
You melt our hearts. You are the most affectionate little love. You love to hug and cuddle and squeeze. You love to say "my kiss it" if we have a boo-boo. (or a freckle that you think is a can I correct you when it gets me more kisses!) You love to sit by us or in our laps. You love to tell us you love us and have started doing it all on your own out of the blue. My favorite is when I'm driving and you'll ask to hold my hand. So, I'll reach back and hold your little hand, and you'll look at me so sweetly and say "I lub you, Momma!" You get so concerned if something is wrong...a boo-boo, if we say "ouch" for some reason, if we cough and more. "You ok?" you'll ask so preciously. We are so blessed to have a little guy with such a sweet and tender little heart...I prayed for that quality in you while you were in my tummy, and I thank God daily for that precious gift! ...
So, my big TWO year old, thank you for being so wonderful! Thank you for blessing us with your humor, your innocence and your love. I find myself talking to your Daddy all the time about how precious and perfect you are. We couldn't be happier to have you as our little boy!
Your Momma

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