Friday, May 29, 2009

Mammers are Mommies with LOTS of Frosting!!!

Mammer and Ice Cream 001

Here are a few things that only a Mammer would do...

*A Mammer would drive 3 1/2 hours just to take care of me!

*After driving, that Mammer would stay for 5 whole days!

*That same Mammer would…

*Feed me breakfast, lunch and dinner…even though I’m very good at changing my mind!

*Play trains with me for hours on end.

*Give me the most fun baths.

*Wipe my snotty nose at least 1,000 times.

*Get me dressed!

*Take me potty (and change my diaper when I didn’t make it to the potty!)

*Watch my shows with me.

*Read me story after story after story.

*Sing to me ALL of the time!

*Take me on really fun walks…pointing out every bird, squirrel, tree, flower and bug that we spotted on the way! (She even taught me about mockingbirds and scissortails!)

*Take me to the park…and show me how to make footprints from the dewy grass.

*Make me “baby bites” for a snack! (That’s little bites of peanut butter on crackers…MMM!)

*Bring me new trains, and clothes, and toys! :) She spoils me for sure!

*Chase down the ice cream man so that I can get my Batman ice cream!

*Color with me…paint with me…draw with sidewalk chalk with me!

*Play with me in the mornings so that Mommy & Daddy could sleep a little longer!

*Make me a cool band-aid just like Daddy’s!

*Do laundry! …and put fresh sheets & blankets on my bed!

*And even more….way too much to list!

All of that is to say that my Mammer is great! I am so glad that she came to take care of me when Daddy had his surgery! Mommy and Daddy say that they can’t imagine how they could have done it without her…and I agree! It was so fun getting to have her all to myself for so many days, and I can’t wait until she comes back! (but it would be OK with me if she brought Slickpaw and Zoe next time!) …I LOVE YOU, MAMMER! I’ll be missin’ you until you come back! Mammer and Ice Cream 002 

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Slickpaw said...

Quinn, I know you had lot of fun with Mammer, but Slickpaw & Zoe got real lonely while Mammer was with you. Zoe would look for her all of the time while she was gone. Thanks for letting Mammer come home. Slickpaw Loves You 2222222.