Monday, March 02, 2009

Celebrating a BOY with the GIRLS!

On Saturday morning, I had the privilege to celebrate my friend, Cara, her sweet baby-boy-to-be, AND got pampered at the same time!!! Her fun shower was at an amazing nail salon and included lots of food, a SPA pedicure room with 10 chairs, and good times with the girls. I have to admit...seeing all of those precious little baby things makes having another very tempting! But, while I wait, I look forward to snuggling with Sweet Baby Grant very soon!
And, to top it off, I got to finally meet my blogging friend, Paige! She drove in from Houston for the shower. It was so crazy to see her in person and hear her voice!!! Sadly, we didn't get to hang out long, but I look forward to play dates in the future with our little guys!

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

was that shower not the greatest idea?? it was a BALL to meet all of you girls & completely crazy to see you each in the flesh! I definitely hope to make it back up to dallas so our favorite little men can romp it up together ... it's a must! SO fun meeting you finally!!