Wednesday, March 25, 2009

B & Q are TWO!!!!

Since Blake and Quinn had parties at the same time, Summer & I decided that we must celebrate early!!! So, halfway in between Q's bday and B's bday, we had our own little food court 2nd birthday party!!! The boys enjoyed their Chick-fil-a, fun gifts from one another, and a yummy cookie cake made JUST for them! (and maybe a few bites for the mommies too!) Our little party made me realize that we MUST do this more was very clear that these two little guys could become the best of buds and us mommies could talk for hours! ...And, what a great example sweet Blake is as a BIG BRO to Sutton! Who, might I add, was a perfect dream the whole time!...Sleeping so preciously in his seat and letting us celebrate!!!

Thank you, Summer, Blake & Sutton, for the fun "party!" We loved celebrating TWO with you!

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