Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who Says it has to be in a Classroom!?

The teacher in my is SO excited! Yesterday, I read Jessica's blog and was SUPER DUPER inspired to start "themed days" with my little man! (And, after Q and I had so much fun on our "cupcake tin day," I figured he's old enough to handle it/appreciate it!) So, last night, I made a list of each month's theme, and I plan on spending one day each month really focusing on that theme. It will give me a chance to do all of those creative things that I love to do and also make me spend a whole day focusing entirely on my little guy! (not house work, not Two-Five, JUST HIM!) are my themes...feel free to do them with me if you'd like!...The more great ideas, the better...
January (or probably the first few days in Feb...Since I'm behind): Snowmen & Snow!
February: Hearts & LOVE!
March: The Number TWO!!!! (pairs)
April: Easter
May: Puppies
June: Summertime/Picnic
July: Five Senses
August: Ice Cream
September: Fall Leaves
October: Pumpkins
November: Turkeys
December: Christmas


Anonymous said...

Such a great idea!! I can't wait to try this idea with Tate when he gets a little bit older!!

The Rowe Crew said...

Ooh fun! I'm gonna add these to my list. And thanks so much for the sweet's especially sweet coming from you...absolutely THE most creative person I know :o). I just know Quinn is going to love it!

Annie said...

Such a cute idea! Sutton and I have started having "color" days (my Mom actually started it) and it is really fun and works!!! Can't wait to hear all about the theme days!

Anonymous said...

Very cute idea! My four-year old daughter and I actually have letter days! When we are in the car or in the grocery store or any store she looks for things that start with that letter..has helped her in pre-k! Can't wait to try the "theme" idea.

Slickpaw said...

Mammer and I are hoping that we can take these classes with Quinn. Maybe we will learn something from him.

P.S. It really is Mammer. He has changed Grammer to Mammer and it is official.

Noelle said...

Love this too! I want in!

Mary said...

Love this idea--If I thought I could stick to it I'd commit to join you but let's say I love the idea and am excited to see what crafts come of it :) The only tried-and-true holiday crafts I've done with/for the kids is sugar cookies but I'm pretty sure I enjoy it WAY more than they do!

Diana said...

i was so excited about this too.. and then i remembered that I have zero children. Boo. ;-(

MKP said...

Hey girl! What a great idea! I'm so going to join you guys!