Monday, January 05, 2009

Our Little Snapshot of 2008

How do you sum up a year!? It's not an easy task...but I tried! I just took some of the highlights. I didn't include the preciousness of each day... I didn't include each visit from the grandparents... and I didn't include every first...but just a snapshot! Our "timeline" doesn't include extravagant trips or fancy outings, but it's perfect! It was a truly great year...who knows what 2009 will hold!? I can't wait to see!!!!

Starting a brand new year with our sweet 9 month old!
Q started pulling up on everything!
We stayed home more work, no more school, no more crying! Praise the Lord!

Quinn said his first word...QUACK!
Two-Five Cloth began!
I celebrated my first birthday as a mommy

Q experienced Taco Bueno for the first time.
We celebrated Easter together...Quinn's second.
My sweet baby turned ONE!!!

Quinn went to the zoo for the first time.
We missed Daddy when he went to New York!
We met our sweet new friend, Caden Thomas Camp.
Sharee told us that she was going to be a mommy!
Playgroup became even more fun!
I spent my first night away from Quinn at our church ladies' retreat.
Quinn started walking!
We celebrated a perfect Mother's Day at the Arboretum.
We met the Ice Cream Man for the first time.
I gave Matt a black eye playing Wii! Oops!
Quinn got his first haircut!

We swam and swam and swam!
Quinn fell in love with bubbles!
Our cousins came to visit!
Father's Day was a precious day!
Q and I stayed in Abilene for two weeks! (Garage Sale, Family Reunion & Camp)
We celebrated Daddy's 31st birthday!

We had a fun 4th!
We enjoyed a visit from Matt's California family!
Quinn took swim lessons.

We missed Daddy so much when he was in Mexico!
Matt and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary!
We celebrated Derin's graduation in Wimberly.
I ended my "blog fast!"
We LOVED the Olympics!
Daddy took Q to his first Cowboy's game! (and his only in the old stadium)

Matt's basketball team won 2nd!...with only 4 players!
We enjoyed the Plano Hot Air Balloon Festival.
Quinn had a half birthday.
I started another precious school year as a stay at home mom!

We celebrated the CHS graduating class of 1998!
We went to HSU homecoming!
We traveled to Houston, then to Abilene, all in a really short time!
Quinn got yucky sick!
We had the cutest Hip Hop Halloween baby of all time!

Quinn experienced Canton for the first time.
We found out that Quinn was going to have a cousin!!!!
We VOTED and our first black president was elected!
We finally met Tristan Dean Forman!
We hosted a shower for Baby Christopher Michael Burk.
Mrs. Margaret sent us to Backyardagains LIVE!
We celebrated with Mimi and her new family for Thanksgiving!
Quinn went golfing for the first time.

Quinn visited Santa...and liked him!
We decorated, partied, and enjoyed the Christmas season by taking all kinds of fun "field trips!"
I got my hair cut 5 1/2 inches!
We had a ridiculously Merry Christmas!
We said goodbye 2008! that we could welcome 2009!


Laura said...

Hi Brittany,
I've been reading your blog for awhile now (I confessed a few months ago :-) so I'm going to add you to my blogroll if that's okay. It's so much fun reading about sweet Quinn and all the fun that lies ahead in the coming months for Caroline. They are almost one year apart so it was really fun to read what Christmas might be like for Caroline next year.

Hayley said...

What a great fun year!
Happy New Year!

Brianna said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile and love it! I was one of Molly's roomates in college and friends with Matt. It has been fun to watch Quinn grow because I have a little boy, Evan, that is just a week or two older (I have since had another baby so he is my big boy now!) Anyway, I finally started a blog and hope I will be as good about catching all the fun memories as you are!