Sunday, January 11, 2009

All my married ladies...put your hands up...

Whoever said you had to be single to have a fun night out with the girls!?...And, since we aren't single, and needed some R & R without the kiddos...the 6 of us (pictured: Jodi, Me, Carrie, Libby, Shannon and Jen) headed down the road to have a fun night out...including yummy Mi Cocina, cute little shops, a fun bakery, Starbucks, a trip to CVS, a night at the lovely Dallas Marriott, lots of laughing, lots of talking, and TOO much fun! We stayed up until almost 3 a.m. and, thanks to miraculous black out lining, slept until 10:00!!!! YES, 10:00!!!! It was marvelous! ...The "getaway" made me realize many things...

*We don't do girls nights often enough!
*We're not too old to stay up like we did in college!
*I L-O-V-E to laugh until I cry!
*I am so blessed to know such sweet girls...and call them my friends!
*I'm so thankful for my sweet husband that allows me to do things like this!
*And, going away, {even if it's only for less than 24 hours} makes me appreciate being a mommy even more!'s to many more girls nights to come!

{P.S. Beyonce's song, Put a Ring On It, is one of Q's favorite songs...he loves to dance with me and do the Oh-oh-oh's! Hilarious!}


Kelli said...

Caroline loves it too! I sing about "all the little babies" to her and she just learned how to "put her hands up" when you do! :)

So glad you got to have a great weekend with your girlfriends!

Kelly | Fabulous K said...

Did ya'll go to The Shops @ Legacy? That's where I live!!

P.S. I want to do another header for you whenever you're ready. I am now using photoshop and it makes the headers look WAAAAAY better because i can do a million more things. So...if you are ready to go back to a black background or if you are just up for being my "model blog" let me know!! :)

Porter Carroll said...

OMGoodness! That's P's favorite song too! We danced to it this morning! :)