Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Twenty-One Months Old

Sweet Baby Boy,
How in the world are you only 3 months from being 2? Where did my baby go? You are more fun than ever and doing so much that I never want to forget...

Here are 21 things that you CAN do:
1. You melt our hearts...no doubt about it! From the way you smile at us, love to be with us, and the way you say "love you much!" It's all too good!

2. You are learning your letters...Q, E, M, J, O, D and P are the most popular ones right now, but we're working on the 19 everyday! You get so proud when I praise you for getting one right. You're so smart!

3. You know how to make a mess...and FAST! Your playroom can be spotless one minute and an absolute disaster the next...but...

4. You are learning to help clean up! You love to sing the cheesy "clean up" song that all elementary teachers are aware of and quickly put things back where they go! You also love to put your dirty clothes in your laundry hamper while saying "dirty!"

5. You can tell us exactly what you want...we rarely question what you're saying..."pretzels, cackers, water, milk, juice, BOZ, Gee-ins, Yo Gabba Gabba, Mickey Mouse, Thomas, b-ball, boot-ball, outside, huck you...!" No matter what it is, you tell us!!! The list is never ending!

6. You have started asking us to "kiss it" when you hurt yourself. You're usually very brave, and rarely do you cry when you fall or "bonk it," but you always want a kiss...and you tell us where it hurts so we can kiss it in the right spot...as soon as you get your kiss, you're off to play again!

7. You have gotten very good at saying "pu-leeese!" It's precious and you know it truly is the magic word!

8. You love to color and request to do it often. But, you like to sit in your high chair to do so. The first time you did this, you colored on your tray and got scolded...so, now, when you sit there with your colors you are very careful to stay on the paper and say "no,no" while pointing at the tray! ... I love that we're filling up lots of coloring books with you artwork already!

9. You have gotten so good at obeying! A few months ago, we started with corrections when you didn't obey...but you don't need them anymore...rarely do we have to ask you twice to "come to mommy" or to "stop!" When you do obey, you let us know by saying "bey, Mommy" followed by a "bood boy!" (Good boy!)

10. You know ALL of your colors {well, all of the important ones...we're working on the grey/turquoise type colors}...without fail...and love to talk about the colors of shirts, toys, cars and more!

11. You love to make us laugh and love it when we do things to make you laugh. When Daddy is extra goofy, you make the cutest face and say, "silly Daddy!" We even hear "silly Mommy" every now and then!

12. You are so in tune with the world around you! You hear the trash truck when it's still far from our house and hear planes and "heh-yeh-coppers" all of the time! It always amazes me!

13. You have never been much of a climber, but this month you got it down...you're all over the furniture and love to get up and down and up and down!

14. You have an opinion about what to wear...how did this happen already!? When I ask you what jammies you'd like to wear, you always let me know, and when we're looking for something to wear in the mornings in your closet, you'll often say "bow-boys jersey" or "two-five!" And, you like to have socks on...for some reason, you think they're cool!

15. You're quite the little singer. You have quite a playlist now...Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, Jesus Loves Me, {attempted} ABC's, and the silly ones that Grammer and I have made up! It's sweet to hear your precious, on pitch, singing voice!

16. You love to take your "menice!" (medicine) You never fight it and often request it before bedtime...even if you don't need it.

17. When something is on TV that you're not wanting to watch, you've been known to walk right up to it and turn it off while saying "off!" Stinker!

18. Your sweet buddy Tanner inspired us to teach you to give knuckles/dap/pound/whatever you want to call it! You'll walk up to people and say "knuckles" with a closed fist and even give knuckles to yourself sometimes!

19. You melt my heart with your little lisp...it's the way your tongue curls when you say your s's! Even though I hope it corrects itself when it should, it's the most adorable thing I've ever seen!

20. You say phrase after phrase now...and some sentences!

21. You love to say "momma" and "daddy" the most! You say our names ALL of the time! A few weeks ago, Daddy and and I had a little "contest" (Daddy said it wasn't a contest because he knew I would win) to see how many times you said our names in a day! We tried to keep a tally but it got too overwhelming! I know that "momma/mommy" was well over a hundred!
And, here are 21 things that you're still working on:
1. You're having trouble picking a favorite thing...sometimes it's BOZ, sometimes it's Thomas, sometimes it's Yo Gabba Gabba, sometimes it's football, sometimes it's b-ball, sometimes it's coloring...you don't have one thing...is diversity at this age a good thing? I hope so!

2. Not missing your grandparents sure is a hard thing! It took a long time for Christmas to get here so that you could see them, and you were pitiful the day after they left from our Christmas celebrations...oh how we all wish they lived closer!

3. We're working on teaching you to say "thank you" without being prompted. It does happen every once in a while...and the "kank ku, momma" melts my heart!

4. You're trying so hard to jump! You bend your knees and bounce, but can't quite get off the ground yet!

5. We're trying to broaden your menu...even though you're a pretty good eater, the only veggies your diet contains are french fries, pickles, and the occasional love for green beans and salad! Oh well!

6. You are attempting the big boy potty! You almost immediately tell us when you're "shooey" now and sometimes request to go to the "gee-ins potty!" (You have a Backyardagains potty seat that Slickpaw got you!) You have yet to do any business in the potty, but at least you're interested.

7. We're working on being ok with dirty hands...you do fine when you're playing in the dirt outside, but, if while dipping your chicken in the ranch you get your hands dirty, you want them wiped right away. You hold it out so pitifully and say "hands!" Funny boy!

8. Sometimes you have a hard time with patience. But, after I tell you to have patience, and you sweetly repeat the word "patience," you usually do much better!

9. You have definitely mastered the circle and star...and sometimes the triangle...but we're working on the rest of the shapes!

10. Sadly, you favorite word is "no!" You say it way too often and we're trying to replace it with "yes" when appropriate.

11. You are SUCH a cuddle bug...you love to hug, be held, sit in our laps, hold our hands...but when it comes to kisses, you'd just as soon turn the other cheek. When I ask for a kiss, you usually smile and say that annoying favorite word, or you turn your cheek so I can kiss you! Oh well...I'll take cuddling!

12. We're very afraid that you're going to be the Kindergartner with a passy! You would have it ALL day if we'd let you, but we don't! You always ask for it when you get sad or when you're sleepy and you still keep it in your mouth for the majority of the night! Oh well...I'll pick my battles!

13. You have always been a pretty good shopper, but lately you'd rather be standing up in the seat of the grocery cart or in my arms...which is next to impossible when I'm pushing a cart full! So, we're working on staying seated...and usually that includes opening an unpurchased snack to appease you for just a while longer! :)

14. You are working on knowing ALL of the names to the characters in your shows....it's so cute to hear you sing along with the intros to the Backyardagians, Yo Gabba Gabba and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

15. Lately, I've been trying to teach you how to pull up your pants. You're getting pretty good at the front, but can't quite get the back! We'll keep working!

16. Somehow, you learned how to say "done" when you are finished eating. So, we've been trying to break that habit and have you say "finished" instead. You usually say both..."done...finished" ... so we'll work on dropping that first word!

17. Daddy has dreamed of the day that you would catch a ball, and that day is getting closer and closer. He's working so hard to teach you to hold your hands out while he counts to three and then throws you the ball! You catch it every now and then and we get so excited!

18. You have taught yourself how to open the pantry door and get out whatever snack looks best. Now we're trying to teach you to only get out one at a time...we find snacks all over the house!

19. This month I feel that going to the nursery at church has become a piece of cake. You never cry when I drop you off and your teaches tell me that you don't even ask about me! Even though I'm so happy for this change...and would take it over the other ANY day...you could work on missing me just a little bit! ;)

20. With your happy heart in the nursery at church, you are learning so much more about Jesus! It's so fun to hear you sing the songs, talk about the Bible and pray with us! We can't wait to watch you understand more and more about our precious Savior.

21. Lastly...please don't grow up too fast! I feel like you are...and there's nothing I can do about it...so please, PLEASE...PU-LLLEEEASE...Slow down! I love you so very much, little man!

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

i seriously LOVE those updates... you do such a great job at them. I learn so much from them too! Happy 21 months Quinn!