Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Little Mister Moments: Part 2

Oh my little man melts my heart...maybe the Christmas spirit is making me sappy...and I love it...There are lots of times where he can be a little toot, but here are three moments from yesterday and today that are too cute to forget...
*While in the car from Christmas shopping yesterday, I reached back to Quinn's car seat to pat him on the leg and tell him I loved him. When I did so, he said, "hand" and proceeded to hold my finger for a good 15 miles. I didn't care that my arm was tingling and falling asleep, it was a precious moment. And, when I looked back, he had fallen asleep holding my hand...sweet baby!
*A few weeks ago, while playing with that train table at Mardel, Q fell in love with Thomas. He's never seen an episode, but loved the train so much. So, we bought him one of those ridiculously expensive wooden Thomas trains and he has had it close by since we got it. Now, it's not attached to him like his golf balls once were, but he likes to know where "Nomas" is at all times. Sadly, yesterday, Thomas was no where to be found. He would frequently ask for him, and I would quickly change the subject. While cleaning house today, I found him under Quinn's Cozy Coupe and excitedly said, "QUINN!!! Look what I found!!!!" He ran over to me with the most precious smile, grabbed Thomas, started to walk away, and then turned back to me, gave me the BIGGEST hug, and said, "Kank Ku (thank you) Momma! Yuv (Love) you much!" Oh, melt my heart!!!
*Today, while I was folding laundry and watching a really old episode of Oprah that I'd saved, Quinn was playing with his basket of Christmas toys and wandering around the living room looking at all of our decorations. Next thing I know, he's just standing at our coffee table preciously looking at a little nativity we have there. Then, I hear him say, "Baby Jesus, Mawy, Shosuff (Joseph)!" I love that he's starting to get it! Sweet love!

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Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Such wonderful moments...they do need to be remembered. I love when Carter tells me that he loves me just out of the blue...precious moments!