Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Giving "Booger" a Home...

While we were at NorthPark to see the trains, we decided to use a Build-a-Bear coupon to let Quinn make his own little friend! When we went in, and showed him his choices, he immediately wanted to make the puppy! Then, it was off to find clothes...even though Quinn was only interested in the "bow-boys" stuff and "B-balls," we ended up finding a really cool sweater and "cool shoes" {black and white checkered Vans} that Q approved of. Then, the lady had him kiss the heart and gave him his stuffing...Q helped push the button to fill him up. She dressed him and asked him what he wanted to name his puppy....and he immediately said, "Booger!" After she handed Booger to Quinn, he fell in love...hugging and kissing him like crazy! "Kank ku Mamma...Kank ku Daddy," Q said as we left! What a sweet boy!

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