Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Blurb...

***GREAT IDEA, JILL!!! Let's all send them an email! CLICK HERE and tell them to FIX IT FAST!

So, I'm sick over the fact that my loyal {the company that made my beautiful blog books} isn't working at this time...see the conversation below...

Have you fixed the issues with Blogger yet? I have made two books and am really wanting to make one for 2008! Please tell me that the issue is resolved! I have referred so many people to your site because I was so happy with the books...and now it doesn't work! HELP!!!!

Hi Brittney,
Thanks for your message.We're going to be working hard to fix all our blog slurpers (including LiveJournal, Wordpress and Blogger slurpers, which currently aren't functioning properly). Unfortunately, we can’t promise success for any given platform, and any fixes that are successfully implemented won’t come until next year (hopefully early 2009). Currently, Typepad is the platform BookSmart can slurp successfully.We'll be updating when we've got more information. I do hope that you're able to see your blog-to-book vision through with Blurb in 2009, and sincerely thank you for your patience.
Best regards,

So Eri sends me not-so-great news...but maybe it is somewhat hopeful!!?!? Do we all need to switch to Typepad!? I'll keep you posted if I hear anything!


Kimberly said...

I'm so sad. I was hoping to make one as I got a gift certificate for my birthday in July because I knew you loved yours. Please let me know what you're going to do!!!

Jill said...

Grrrr.....I think we all need to send them an email.

Kelly | Fabulous K said...

fyi...typepad is awful. I tried it out for a few weeks. it's really difficult to use unless you are a CSS pro.

Hopefully they will get everything figured out soon!!

{thanks for the sweet post below, btw!}

Jessica and Matt said...

No stupid typepad! There's got to be a Blurb competitor!

annalee said...

this is bad, bad news. i loved my 2007 book. blurb better get it fixed!
too funny about the garlands. they were really fun to make. did you want to enter the contest to win one that is already made:)?

Dunhams said...

I found that out last week too when I went on there to try and make annoying!! I hope they get it fixed soon b/c I tried converting mine to LiveJournal like it said to get it to work, and that only uploaded half of my posts...grrr!

Jaime said...

So I've been thrilled to make a book after reading about you doing this...I'm bummed, but hopefully it will work soon? This is my whole point in doing a blog--a book to printout since I DON'T scrapbook. Grrr.