Monday, November 17, 2008

Sweet Surprise

Today, Matt, Quinn and I headed to the hospital to see a friend that went into labor this morning and guess who we saw?!?!!?... NURSE MARY!
Sweet Mary was my precious and perfect nurse when I delivered Quinn...she was a dream! I remember wanting to really love my nurse...wanting to be able to send her Christmas cards and request her when Baby #2 comes around some day, I had super high expectations! And she met them all. When I met her on March 27, 2007, I asked her if she had any other patients that morning...and she said "yes!" Then, I proceeded to tell her that I was an only child and was used to way too much I needed her to make me priority over the other girls! (Bratty, right!?!?) Well, it worked! She was there for Matt and I in every way possible and gave us the royal treatment...she even told me that when she heard that Dr. Webster said it was time to push that she was with another patient and quickly got another nurse to relieve her so that she could come to me!!! ...Seeing her today was such a treat! She was so precious with Quinn and he put on a great show for her...she gave me all of the pointers so that I can be sure to request her next time and hugged us more than once! She helped make Quinn's birthday such a wonderful experience and I am forever grateful!


Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Nurses can really make or break the birthing experience. I had two great nurses that took care of us, one on each shift...they were both so encouraging and helpful! One of my nurses even stayed past her time off so she could finish helping with my delivery. Glad you had a great nurse too!

Jessica and Matt said...

I can't believe you actually told the nurse that when you were in labor. You are out of CONTROL. Lucky for you, she was really nice, and it worked! I'm sure she was excited to see Quinn so big and healthy!