Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweet Sitters

Last night, when Matt and I went to a dinner with the church staff, 2 sweet girls from our youth group offered to keep Quinn. Crystal and Jaime are in PALS at their high school and needed more service hours. So, they offered to watch Q free of charge...(these are the same girls that helped me clean my house before Jessica's shower for PALS hours!...such a blessing!) Anyway, Q had so much fun with them...they watched shows, did puzzles, read books and more! ...They even took a few pictures of Quinn having a great time I'll give them a lesson on how to use my camera and make sure that we have one of them too! :)
Thanks, girls, for being so great to our little man. Very few people have had the priveledge of rocking Quinn before bedtime & putting him to bed, and I'm so thankful that you were the ones that did it on Friday. He loves Jay-mee and Crizzel so much and can't wait to play again very soon!

Look at that crazy hair!

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