Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Studying with Daddy

When Matt is studying, it seems that Q is always right there...either wanting to push the buttons on the computer or to sit in his lap while he reads. It's so sweet to watch him contently sit with his Daddy. (for at least a few minutes) What a perfect little study partner!


Kelli said...

How sweet!

I love your fall table decorations! You should do a close up of them to show! :)

Jessica and Matt said...

Him holding Quinn--so sweet! And I noticed the fall decor as well (of course you've already decorated). Very nice. I'm just trying to figure out if I'm going to do a Christmas tree this year... j/k! :P

Laura said...

Precious stuff! I don't know how he can concentrate with Quinn helping.

I love your decor too. Please start a blogging tour of your home. I need ideas. For that matter, wanna come decorate my house :)

Val said...

I love baby and daddy pictures - I take them like crazy in our house too. We got our lil 25 shirts and the girls wore them to Mother's day out today. I put pictures on my blog if you want to see your work in action!! :)