Friday, October 03, 2008

Quinn's Second Babysitting Job

Yesterday, Quinn and I had the privilege of babysitting our little friend, Emerson. Since her mommy had to work and her daddy and big sister were out of town, we "came to the rescue!" Even though Emerson is precious and such a GOOD GOOD baby, it proved to me that I am just not quite ready for another little Poe to come along. Quinn was so sweet to her...patting her, laying next to her while they watched the Backyardagains, bringing her his toys...but he didn't quite get why I couldn't hold him when I was already holding her. (maybe it was a good little lesson on sharing!) Anyway...having a baby in the house for just a while was super fun ... especially since we got to give her back to her mommy!

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Unknown said...

Thanks, again! Those are sweet photos. She told me she had a great time. :)