Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"Happiness is never stopping to think if you are." -Palmer Sondreal

At the beginning of this week, Matt, Quinn, Brad, Kia, Krozby and I (yes, it was a PACKED car)headed to Abilene for some Two-Five business. But, thankfully, the trip wasn't all about business...

Grammer and Slickpaw were anxiously awaiting Quinn's arrival so that they could celebrate his half birthday with him. (See, I'm not the only crazy one in the world!!!) Grammer made him a cake that she had intended on making him the day he was born. But, when they got the call that he was coming a day earlier than planned, she didn't have time. ... So, what better reason to celebrate with a cake than a HALF birthday. Quinn also got clothes, lots of new books, and a cool "touchdown" game. Do you think he's spoiled at all!?

Then, Grammer took Monday off of school so that we could play. We went to my favorite little store, ate some yummy food, and just enjoyed our little man. Trips to Abilene are always fun and easy...and we love that!!!


campers said...

so fun!!!

The Penuels said...

I love those pictures of your cute fam in front of the brick wall...miss you!

Shannon Boyer said...

Months ago I remember you posting that your precious husband published your blog in a book. Do you know where he did that through? Thanks!
Shannon :-)