Sunday, October 05, 2008

Eighteen Months Old

Quinn Davis Poe,
You are precious! You are priceless! You are more and more fun everyday! Thank you for being everything we ever dreamed and more, for making us laugh all of the time, and for giving your Daddy and I another reason to realize how very blessed we are! I am truly hanging on to every moment...every word...every first that you experience! Here are eighteen things about you, my little one and a half year old, that melt my heart!
I love you so very much,
Your Mommy

1. You are such a little hugger. Your word for "hold me" is "huck"... and I hope that never changes! When you want to be picked up, get scared at the top of the Chick-fil-a play area, or just want a hug, you quickly say "huck, huck" over and over! Your daddy and I love it so...and how can we tell you no!?

2. Pushing the buttons in the grocery store/any store check out line is one of your favorite things to do. As soon as we put our items on the counter, you see the buttons and say "PUSHHH!" After the transaction has been made and pin numbers have been entered, I always let you push...and you're so proud. I think you feel that you are the one that did it! And, I don't tell you otherwise.
3. You are getting better and better at your colors. You often request your "cawers" movie and love to point to things and say what color they are. "Lellow" is your favorite. I think you wish that everything were that color. When I ask you what color something is, you always respond with a color word..."white, back, red, reen, boooo, lellow, orege, puple" may not always be the right one, but I'm impressed that you're trying.

4. Ever since you stopped playing with my hair, you started playing with your own...and you still do it! It's so sweet to see your twirl the little bit of hair that you have on top of your head and see you just start to calm down. You won't take to any "lovey" except for your passy...maybe all you need is your hair.
5. You will still sit in your playroom floor and look at books for long periods of time. I love to watch you when you don't realize it and see you so intently looking at the pictures and naming the things that you see. You usually pick out a favorite and bring it to us to "read." You resume the reading sitting criss cross on the floor, you in our laps...and snuggle in by shimmy-ing your shoulders and listen as we read the book together. It's a sweet moment that always makes me stop what I'm doing to enjoy you!
6. My all time favorite thing you say is "Mommy-o-Mommy-o-Mommy-o-Mommy!!!" You say it high pitched and fast and you absolutely know that I love it. You'll run through the house saying it with a smile on your face! I will hear that precious sound in my heart and mind for always!

7. This month, I feel that you've started to really love your friends. You'll talk about "riends" at home and pick up your pretend phone to talk to them. You'll often talk about "Cade," "Roose" (Cruse), "Nanner" (Tanner), "Reid," "Jackson," and "Yapman" (Chapman)! When we leave playgroups, you'll say "bye bye riends" when we get in the car. What a sweet little friend you are!

8. You are so snuggly still...praise the Lord! I prayed for it when I was pregnant and God answered for sure!!! You love to nuzzle in to our necks and will lay your head on our shoulders without any prompting. You'll pat us over and over...just like we pat you! Never change that, ok!?9. I love watching how excited you get when you see trucks. Since we live around A LOT of construction right now, you're always seeing "cucks" and "ranes" (cranes)! You're constantly pointing out the car window to tell me what you see. (Along with all of the "rees" (trees), "pwanes" and "berts" that you see!) We still run to the back door on Wednesdays when the "ca cuck" gets here. You'll tell me to "huwwy" (hurry) when we hear them coming.

10. Your love for football is only getting stronger. How can an 18 month old love football so much? It baffles me! You will sit in the red chair and watch it for a long time and still bring us the remote and request "bootball." You run around the house with your football tucked under you arm while yelling, "run, dooode, bootball, tutdown, bowboys" (Cowboys). It cracks me up and makes your daddy swell with pride! :)

11. You're quite the little dancer. You love to spin around with the "gains" (Backyardagains) and love to bounce and dance when I have music playing at home. When we get in the car, you point to the iPod and say "dance, dance" and start bobbing your head and trying to snap your fingers to the music. You do love hip hop and music with a cool beat much more than other music...just like your daddy!

12. You're gotten so great about holding our hands while we walk around. It's so precious! We like to not take your stroller out sometimes and just let you walk hand in hand with us.

13. We've created a monster when it comes to your looks. When you get your clothes and shoes on, you automatically look down and say, "coooolll!" You also started requesting "B" (Johnny B hair gel) for your hair, and say "cool" when I put it in your hair. You like to run to the mirror and check out how cool you look in your outfit and spiked hair. You're a mess and we're in trouble! 14. When you're playing and you get sleepy, you've started just laying down in the floor. You've usually found a "that" somewhere and are laying there, on your back or belly, for a few minutes while rubbing your hair. I'm just waiting for the day that you fall asleep while playing. Grammer said that I used to do that all of the time.

15. You are so sweet to your puppies. You still like to let them out of your cage and get so excited when they run out..."Kiaaa...Robby" (Krozby)! Kia lets you pay the most attention to her and you love to lay all over her and pat her on the back or the belly. They're lucky to have you!

16. When you get hungry, you always help yourself to a "nack" (snack). If the pantry was left open, you get whatever you want and start snacking away. You're so proud of yourself when you show me what you've done...and despite the mess you usually make...I just let you do it. The independence is important to you.
17. We've always prayed with you at meal time. We'll hold your hands and Daddy will pray to thank Jesus for our day and our food..etc. At first, you resisted and would look at us funny. But, now, you hold our hands willingly and stay very still and quiet. You often say "men" at the end! Precious little man!

18. The other day, I was cooking at the stove and you were playing in the living room. You walked into the kitchen to "check on me" and peeked around the cabinets to see me. I saw you and smiled at you. At that moment you gave me the most precious little smile. It was priceless and brought tears to my eyes. It's crazy to me that your daddy and I are truly your world! You love us unconditionally! I know that these precious moments will quickly slip away so I'm soaking in each one! Thank you for being such a "bood-boy!" (good boy!)


Kelly | Fabulous K said...

So cute! He is getting so big!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

awesome post - i always read every word of these because it gives me this excited feeling of what's to come. Q is a little heartbreaker already ... i might have a crush?! :)

Laura said...

What a beautiful, precious boy you have! And I just love the song playing on your blog when I read it- too fun!

Keri said...

Love the song too!!

Isn't 18 months just so much fun?? It just gets better and better every day.

j.o.r.d.a.n. said...

I loved this post! I'm quite a skimmer when it comes to blogstalking, but I couldn't stop reading this every word. Have a great week, PoeFam!

Jessica and Matt said...

OMG. I haven't had time to read yet, but I just glanced at the pics. So cute! The one right before #10 is SO GREAT!