Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Houston Zoo

On our second day in Houston, Quinn's Nana and Pawpaw took us to the Houston Zoo. I had been there once before (when Matt and I were 3 months into dating...and on the trip where I met Matt's mom and sister for the first time), but this trip was even more fun! Quinn was so precious and so in awe of the animals. His favorites were the giraffes (mine too...have you ever seen giraffes with spots like that?) ... with the elephants, goats and meercats taking a close second! He also loved the leopard and the leopard loved Quinn...as soon as she saw him, she started pacing back and forth, never taking her eyes off of him. It was kind of creepy and I was thankful for the two layers of fence in between us. We stayed at the Zoo for almost 5 hours and enjoyed every second. I love seeing things through Quinn's eyes...so new and exciting!
Nana and Pawpaw, I can't wait to go to the ZOO again sometime soon! I had so much fun!

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A Perfect Pandemonium said...

I don't remember how I found your blog, but I have been reading it for quite sometime now. I think it was the way your son is always dressed that caught my eye. I love buying clothes and shoes for my boys, they have way too many of both. I have had to slow down a little now that i have three boys but I just can't help it!

My question, and reason for commenting...where did you get his shirts in this post and the carpet store post?? I think they're adorable!