Monday, September 29, 2008

Quinn's First Babysitting Job

On Saturday afternoon, we had the privilege of having Jackson over to play while his mommy and big sister went to a shower. Jackson is the (2nd?) cousin of Brad and Remy and he's just a week younger than Quinn. It was so cute to watch he and Q play and to watch Quinn show him around to all of his toys. My favorite moment was when Quinn took Jackson a book and waited for Jackson to sit down next to him so that they could look at the pages together. They watched "Meet the Colors," built with blocks, drove Q's cool car, and shared a snack with the puppies. Even though poor Jackson got a bump on his head while he and his mommy were walking up to the house, I have to say that Quinn took extra good care of him while he was at our house. He was a great little babysitter and we'd love to have Jackson over to play anytime!

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Tricia said...

Sweet boys. THANK YOU again for keeping Jackson. He told me in not so many words that next time we go visit Aunt Margaret and Uncle Brian that he wants to invite Quinn over for a play date.