Thursday, September 04, 2008

Operation Organize

Operation Organize is officially under way at our house! The chaos was driving me nuts and I encouraged Matt to get motivated with me (hence the awesome name...he likes to call it O squared)! Anyway, we started in the closet and quickly got rid of TONS of stuff that we haven't worn or liked in years. Then, I continued with my dresser, bed side table, bedroom armoire, and under our bathroom sinks! I did one cabinet in our kitchen and am quickly moving to the rest. Then, I hope to organize the pantry, laundry room, playroom/office, and hall closets! ...We took some of our "cool" stuff to Plato's Closet and came home with $81.40! And, thank goodness for The Arc who picked up 7+ boxes this morning! ...We'll keep you posted on O squared's progress!


Laura said...

For the kiddo stuff, you'll get much better money return if you go through There are sales all over DFW and so worth it!

Jessica and Matt said...

I'm impressed. Can you rub some of that motivation off on me? Thx.