Thursday, September 04, 2008

Operation Organize

Operation Organize is officially under way at our house! The chaos was driving me nuts and I encouraged Matt to get motivated with me (hence the awesome name...he likes to call it O squared)! Anyway, we started in the closet and quickly got rid of TONS of stuff that we haven't worn or liked in years. Then, I continued with my dresser, bed side table, bedroom armoire, and under our bathroom sinks! I did one cabinet in our kitchen and am quickly moving to the rest. Then, I hope to organize the pantry, laundry room, playroom/office, and hall closets! ...We took some of our "cool" stuff to Plato's Closet and came home with $81.40! And, thank goodness for The Arc who picked up 7+ boxes this morning! ...We'll keep you posted on O squared's progress!


Laura Hale said...

For the kiddo stuff, you'll get much better money return if you go through There are sales all over DFW and so worth it!

Jessica & Matt said...

I'm impressed. Can you rub some of that motivation off on me? Thx.