Saturday, September 20, 2008


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Sarah Colleen Jones Thornton has been my BFF for as long as I can remember! Words can't express what she means to me and I am so thankful that, even though time and miles don't ever make it easy to hang out, it's always easy! Isn't that what true friendship is about?...Being able to do nothing and be so happy that you're doing it together. She has always been there... the nursery at church every birthday party every silly "photo shoot" every Fun Night at MMS
...writing me notes every day in Middle School (I still have them all!) the bathroom mirror while fixing our bangs
...with a Kleenex and a hug at that heartbreaking Junior Assembly :) every CHS Freshman "red team" game every choir concert at church and at school (standing right beside me so that I could "hear" the alto part better!) every big trip...Austria, Boston, London, Italy, and all of the "little" ones in between(minus Brazil...I'm still mad about that, by the way!)
...on the phone for hours...I'll never forget her phone number and running up to her at church the day I got "my line!" every church camp (writing "agape" letters until our hands hurt) every football game...painted faces and all!
...hugging through broken hearts
...saying goodbye (with mixed tape in hand) the day that we said goodbye to go to college HSU the day after my first date with the man that would be my husband
...asking me to be her Maid of Honor (and expecting me to do some pretty crazy things on her wedding day...see above picture of me picking her wedgie...and, yes, you read it right...picking her wedgie!!!)
...congratulating me the day I said "yes" to Matthew Poe
...being the best ever Matron of Honor
...crying (happy tears, I hope) and congratulating me the day I said "I do" to Matthew Poe
...loving on that big 'ol belly
...being a trooper all day at the hospital and welcoming Quinn Davis Poe into the world with me!
...and every thing in between!!!!
Sarah, Thank you for going from my church friend to my school friend, to my best friend, to my FMoH (Future Maid of Honor) to my MoH, and back to my best friend again! Being with you is easy and I always look forward to the next time we get to spend together! Thank you for coming to visit us on Friday and for just doing a bunch of nothing with us! My whole family loves you...and I'll always cherish you!


the thorntons said...

Thank you for sharing those embarassing pictures with the whole world...and I seriously mean the WHOLE world now that I know how many people stalk your blog!

Thank you for those sweet words and a post designed just for me. I feel so special! Everything you said about me, I feel right back at you, and I am so glad that hanging out with you is still so easy. FYI-I may need you to be on call for some "back up" when I explain a certain purchase to Ryan when he gets home. Uh oh. :)

Jessica and Matt said...

I love Sarah. Such a sweetie. When I first saw this post, I was hoping you were going to say that she's preggo!!!