Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Every puppy should have a boy.

After this precious moment this morning...and after the nightmare that was last night... ...I decided to go ahead and try that "homemade" photo shoot in the other outfit. Why not get it over with!!! And, it was more of the same...the black backdrop got quickly pulled down, the little boy was EVERYWHERE, and the puppies were not cooperating. Oh well, it made for some cute pics anyway! I'm over it...I'm done! No more puppy treats for the puppies for a VERY long time! And, no more puppy pictures for EVEN LONGER!

{...this one is my favorite...Kia is so over it!!!}

Kia, Krozby and Quinn...Thank you for humoring me through all of this! I love you!


B.E.A.L. said...

I don't think you can get any "not cute" pics of Quinn! It looks like he had a fun time! You will look at these pictures and laugh at the chaos!

What photo shop program do you use?

Jessica and Matt said...

I love, love, LOVE the pic of them lying on the ground!!! Sooooo sweet!

Hayley said...

Thanks for popping in on my blog, Brittney! Will definitly be coming back to yours, hope you dont me mind me adding you to my blog roll.

Have been having a good 'ol laugh at the dogs and the photo shoot! I must give you credit, for trying, I would not even go there with mine!
Have a good day!

The Dubs said...

Oh my goodness!! I LOVE the pic of the dog asleep on Quinn. What a perfect photo op. I had a Boston growing up...they are THE best dogs. Oh, and the clothes - too cute!

Jill said...

I agree with Jess. I love the first one of them lying on the floor! So so so cutE!!!