Sunday, August 03, 2008

Top 50 Reasons I Miss Daddy When He's Away In Tijuana on Mission Trip no particular order...

1. He isn't here when we wake up in the morning.
2. He isn't here when we go to bed at night.
3. He's not at church when we get there (even though I say his name 100 times while we're there!)
4. He can't help feed me at a restaurant.
5. He can't help clean me up after I eat at a restaurant.
6. He can't help entertain me at a restaurant.
7. He's not able to help change my excessive amounts of poopy diapers. (Mommy can't say, "Your turn, I did the last one" when he's not here.)
8. He doesn't get my covers ready before Mommy puts me in bed at night
9. He can't help Mommy pick out my cool outfit with the perfect shoes to match.
10. He can't fix my hair...Mommy just isn't as good at getting the perfect mix of Daddy's two hair gels.
11. He can't take out the trash.
12. He can't always answer the phone when we call.
13. He doesn't help pick up my toys when I go to bed.
14. He isn't here to play Wii with Mommy...she has to play all by herself!
15. He can't watch me while Mommy takes a shower...and that's not fun for me or Mommy!
16. He isn't here to do "Buckin' Bronco"...honestly, Mommy just isn't that good at it!
17. I don't get any rides on shoulders.
18. He can't lift the heavy high chair at a restaurant.
19. He can't make me laugh when I'm grumpy.
20. I don't get to hear all of his silly songs.
21. He doesn't come get me from my bed in the mornings.
22. He can't answer Mommy's questions about Two-Five!
23. He isn't here to occupy Mommy's free time so that she doesn't want to look at blogs! :)
24. I don't get to run to the garage when he gets home.
25. He's just not the same in pictures!
26. He's not here to tell me how cool I look.
27. Mommy doesn't sing the "nuh nuh nuh nuh...Batman" song half as well!
28. He wasn't able to hold my hand (and Mommy's) when I got 4 shots at the doctor.
29. He couldn't pick out my cool sticker and sucker at the doctor.
30. There's no one calling me "Q-dogg" when he's not here.
31. There's no one calling me "Q-dizzle" when he's not here.
32. Mommy has to say ALL of the "no's."
33. He isn't here to help put me in my carseat.
34. He isn't here to get me out of my carseat.
35. He doesn't get to enjoy yummy IKEA hot dogs with us.
36. It's just Mommy and me snuggling in bed in the morning.
37. Swimming isn't near as much fun without him...Mommy isn't near as silly!
38. I get tired of Mommy asking me for kisses! If Daddy were here, he'd give her some!
39. Swimming lessons just aren't complete without Daddy.
40. He isn't here to help me win more tickets at Peter Piper Pizza.
41. He can't help me pick out cool clothes and shoes when we go shopping with Grammer and Slickpaw.
42. I miss his hucks.
43. I miss his kisses.
44. I miss him throwing me in the air.
45. He isn't here to dry me off after my bath.
46. He isn't here to carry the diaper bag for Mommy.
47. We don't get to go to his basketball game...and I love watching him play!
48. He didn't get to hear me say "please" for the first time. (But, I promise I'll say it lots more!)
49. He isn't here to pray with me.
50. He's my Daddy...and he's not supposed to be away for this long! Isn't that a good enough reason!!?
By the way...he's back from his 8 day trip, and Mommy and I are SOOO happy! We'll tell you about his trip, what I did when he was gone, and all about Mommy and Daddy's 5th Anniversary really soon, k!?

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