Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seventeen Months Old

My sweet little love,
Seventeen months!!! one month you'll be one and a half! It's hard to believe! But, you are more fun and more busy than I ever imagined you would be at such a little age. Sadly, last month, your 16 month birthday came and went without a blog post or "Q" just proves how busy we've been...and how very busy you're keeping me! You are a hoot and have brought laughter to our lives that we didn't even know we were missing! So, in honor of 17 months, here are 17 stories from the past two months that I never want to forget...I love you more than you know...

1. You are still super obsessed with BOZ! I think you would watch him all day, everyday if I would let you. A few weeks ago, I was in the playroom and you were in the living room. I realized how quiet you were and ran in to check on you. When I got there, I saw you sitting in the red chair, pointing the remote to the T.V. As soon as you saw me, you started saying "Boz" over and over. You were trying so hard to get him on the T.V. yourself...but needed my help! And, after that precious attempt, I was happy to give in!

2. Somehow, a surfing monkey bath toy wandered into your living room basket of toys. I watched you pull it out to play with it, raise his long monkey arm in the air and give him a high five...while saying "yeah," of course. It was hilarious!

3. You are quite the little dancer. When you hear music in the car or at home, you immediately start dancing. You bounce your little legs and bob your head, while saying "dan dan dan" in a whispery voice. We love it every time!

4. Running! It's how you get from point A to point B! I'm amazed by your energy to RUN everywhere you go! ... Thankfully you're not too clumsy, but you do fall from time to time. I guess I've always asked you if you were O.K. when you fell. So, now, when you fall, you'll look up at me and say "K!" You're just reassuring me that you're O.K. And, it does make me feel better! Thanks for that!
5. You are starting to really put things together. When I've talked about Zoe, you'll start talking about Kia. When I talk about Brad, you'll mention Remy. And, when I talk about going to church, you'll mention Daddy. Smarty pants!

6. After the razor blade incident, I pointed to your "boo boo" a few times and said "ouch!" You would quickly repeat me. A few days after it happened, you were playing with me and headbutted me. I said "ouch!" You immediately looked at me and then pointed to your razor blade boo boo and said "ouch!" You're a mess!
7. We have started "corrections" with you. After you had only had one "correction," you were disobeying me and I asked you if you needed a correction. You looked at me, patted your leg with your hand and said, "boom boom!" How did you figure that out so quickly? And how am I not supposed to laugh when you do things like that?

8. You have found your belly button and are so proud of it. You often lift up your shirt or other's and say "bell bunt!" When I was holding you the other day, you saw a button sitting on our bathroom counter. You looked at it and said, "bell bunt!" Good try! So funny! 9. We have been practicing naming your body parts. You have teeth, hands, toes, ears, eyes, hair and nose down!!! You'll point to ours or yours on command and usually say the word with it. The cutest thing is when you start getting tired or after you have cried, you'll rub your eyes and say "eyes" in the sweetest little voice. It's like you're telling us that your eyes are tired!

10. Playing in your Little Tikes Car is a daily activity. You still haven't figured out how to really move it, but you love to get in, shut the door, sit in it and get out. You have started playing a game with us by walking to your car and screaming 'bye bye' while giving us a big wave! You say it over and over. Maybe you're pretending to go to the store or to church. Who knows? We love watching your imagination start to work.

11. You have started to resist nap time a little bit. When it starts getting close to that time, I often try to find a "that" to calm you down. You often look at it and tell me "no!" You don't want it because you know that it means it's time to go "by-o-baby!" It's funny that you've figured it out. ...Then, on the other hand, you'll sometimes lay in ball on your tummy (usually in your playroom) and start singing "bye bye, bye bye..." for By-o Baby! That's my cue that you're sleepy even though you don't want to admit it. It's priceless.

12. You love the rain. When we're driving in the rain, you're glued to the window and are hypnotized by it. You'll point to it and say "rain" over and over. ... Anyway, one day it was raining as we pulled in the garage. I turned off the car but not the wipers. The next day, when we got in the car, the wipers automatically came on and you started saying "rain" in the most excited voice. To your disappointment, it was sunny when we backed out of the garage.

13. One Wednesday night at church, I was holding you during the praise and worship. (still one of my favorite things in the world!) There was a line of precious junior high girls standing behind us. You looked at them, then looked at me and said..."giiirrrlllsss!" Oh no!!!

14. You love it when Daddy comes home from work. When you hear the garage, you'll quickly stop what you're doing to run to the door. It makes him feel so good!
15. I love the way your praise yourself. When you do a good job at something, you'll often pat yourself on the chest and say "boy" with a big smile on your face. You're so used to hearing us say "good boy" and have taken notes. It's one of my favorite things that you do!

16. You're such a good little eater. You always eat the things that I cook now...which is nice because I don't have to make you something different. The other night, when taking your first bite of Ritz Cracker Chicken, you started saying "mmmm mmm mmmm" with a mouth full! It made me feel so good! I hope you always like my cooking!
17. The boy in you has started to L-O-V-E trucks! You spot them from a mile away and get super excited! But, your favorite truck is the trash truck. A few weeks ago, as I heard it coming, we ran to the back door so that we could watch it dump our trash. You were in awe! Then, as soon as it pulled out of sight, you started saying "Bye Bye Ca Cuck!" (your first phrase!) That day, you probably said it 50 times...waving and saying "bye bye ca cuck" over and over and over and over! As days went by, you'd run to the back door and say your famous phrase. As you said it, I told you that you'd have to wait until Wednesday to see it again. And, when Wednesday got here, and the trash truck came down the alley, it was pure joy in your eyes! You LOVED it even more than before! We went to Toys R Us that day to get you a toy trash truck, and Slickpaw sent you another one in the mail a few days after that. Wednesdays are very big days around our house now!

So...there they are...I'm sure I could go on, but 17 is enough for now! You're a joy, my little mister! Thank you for being so much fun!
I love you,
Your Mommy


Keri said...

I don't know who is more precious~ You or Quinn. I love your blog! It makes me smile each day.

Kelly | Fabulous K said...

Hey there! Yes...Robbie did go to Baylor around then! He was Fiji. It's so funny that you said something--last night we had the Baylor game on and they showed one of the Bears. I told him "one of my blog friends, Brtiney, and her fam went to the habitat on campus and she posted about it. she went there, it was a super cute post..." I will have to show him your blog! Hope you are well--Q is as cute as ever! :)

Kelly | Fabulous K said...

oh, and thanks for adding my fabulous k badge--you are too "weet" (as Q would say!) :)

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Hi PoeFam!

I still love reading your sweet blog, and just linger on every word in these little "recap" posts... especially because I know we are not too far behind you and have it all to look forward to! Love your writing, love your cute fam, LOVE IT ALL!

NYC was A-mazing (I miss it already!) ... how FUN that you went there for your honeymoon!! Stay tuned for all of the fun details ... I bet it will make you want to take Quinn! :)