Monday, August 18, 2008

Back in the BLOG World!

So, this morning, I spent about an hour (ok, maybe a little more than an hour!) skimming all the blogs from my blog list...Oh, how I missed seeing your pictures and reading your stories!!!... I have to admit that I did 'cheat' one time when I saw the title "Coveting Your Prayers" on my blogroll! It made me nervous and I was happy to find out that everything was ok! (Does that REALLY count as cheating?!) ... Anyway, I found some pretty fun things that you have all been are some of my faves...

*Someone I know went to see High School Musical...the real musical! Isn't she the coolest?
*Someone else found out she was going to give her sweet little boy a baby sister!
*Someone only posted twice in my 40 days...seriously!?!?
*Lots of little somebodies turned one!
*Somebody is OBSESSED with play dates! (Wink!)
*Somebody is loving her new job...and, I'm so happy for her!
*Somebody went to the circus and made me want to go!
*Somebody took GORGEOUS family pics of her kids on the beach! WOW!
*Somebody didn't post AT ALL during my 40 days!!! Come on, now!!!
*Somebody is starting to get a little baby bump! YAY!
*Somebody has a baby bump that isn't such a little bump any more!!!
*Somebody lets their kids play in the potty! (wink! wink!)

And lots lots more! I missed you all and am excited to be caught up in this little blog world again! :)


S, J, B, & S said...

OOPS, sorry for the scare! ;) But thanks for checking on us anyway! I don't think that is cheating! Welcome back to the blog world!!!

Cara Carroll said...

Yay!! Glad to have you back!! And seriously...who would ever let their kid play in the potty?!?!?!

Jessica and Matt said...

Will you please tell us who these people are? Actually, if you will link to their blogs within this post, that would be great. I would like to more info on some of these, please.

Also, am I the one whose bump is not so small anymore? I think so. :-0