Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ode to the Belize Onesie

There once was a girl named Aunt Remy
Who loved to buy things just to spoil me
So she went to Belize
On her honeymoon, if you please
And found me this "hat" & this onesie.

So in the back of my closet it hung
'Cuz when she bought it, I was way too young
But yesterday we put it on
And I wish I could have withdrawn
If I could've, I would have stuck out my tongue.

You see why I felt this way
As I stood there in disarray
They laughed and they joked
And too much fun did they poke
At my outfit that looked way too gay!

A regular onesie is what they thought it was
But instead it was a fashion faux pas
It was supposed to be shorts
And had a visor of sorts
Why I wore it so long? No real cause!

So the outfit is now retired
And Aunt Remy just might be fired
But I brought them much joy
As I posed as "wrestler boy"
And I'm wearing it to bed...y'all made me tired!


Jessica and Matt said...

OMG. I LOOOOOOVE IT!!!! Seriously. SO FUNNY! The poem is what makes it, really. That is classic. I think you should frame the poem & pics and put them in his playroom! ;)

So cute!

Jenny said...

I commented a while back that I'm a reader of your blog but I'm just now realizing that you were unable to get to my blog. There wasn't a link. Anyway, it should work now...if you're curious to know what kind of person is looking at your blog.

Cute post!! Love the poem and the outfit is hilarious!

Lainey-Paney said...

Love the poem. Love it!

Remy said...

Hello Blog readers... This is Aunt Remy speaking... I want you to know that I am not some spandex wearing, big frizzy hair lady from the 80's. I do indeed have a since of style and the reason it did not show in the outfit i gave to my little Qman is because it was a big joke! HAHA Brittney it was so much fun to laugh with you over and over again when we put it on him the other day... but by no means do I think I should be fired! Love you! glad to give everyone a good laugh!

Kelly | Fabulous K said...

Hey girl! You don't have to enter the contest for a makeover...I will just do one for you! I love your blog--it's so fun--so I would be honored to give you a makeover. Email me at fabulousk@ymail.com with the colors, wording, any pics and your login info and I will get started!

Have a great day!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

WHoa! You're cool with Fabulous K now! :) hahaaaa!! :) We love us some Kelly around here!

Libby said...

This is too hysterical!!! I LOVE IT!! Your poem is greatness!

Unknown said...

Nice photos.!! Love the poem.. That onesie is really very funky.