Friday, June 27, 2008

Fifteen Months Old

Here are 15 things about my Superhero at Fifteen Months Old:

1. This month Quinn started RUNNING...and he hasn't stopped! He goes, goes, goes! It's so cute to watch him move so quickly! It has become quite a challenge when we're out running errands. If I put him down for a second, there's no telling where he'll be in the next second. I'm definitely getting my workout and Q thinks it's greatness!

2. I love hearing our little man talk away! This month he learned TONS of new words and just 'jibber jabbers' all of the time. It's hilarious to hear him talk and talk and talk like he really has something important to say! We also love how every word sounds like a question...ending up. Bupple? Cacker? Huck? Momma? Dadda? So cute! My favorite words of the moment are "huck" (hug) and "bert" (bird). His little mouth is so precious when he says them!

3. We have quite the little swimmer on our hands! Since summer began, we have spent quite a bit of time at the pool and Quinn loves it. He splashes and smiles...and gets really pruney. We love taking him and hope he always enjoys the water.

4. This month started the really "good" fits! He started throwing a pretty good tantrum when you take away something that he really thinks he needs or when we come in from outside. He has also gotten good at saying "no." We're trying to replace it with "yes," but I don't know if it's working! :)

5. This month we celebrated Father's Day with Daddy! I love "helping" Q tell his Daddy how much he loves him.

6. We spent 10 days in Abilene while Daddy was at camps! It was so much fun to play at "Slickpaw & Grammer Camp" and to just get used to no laundry, no cleaning and no bills! (Even if just for a little while!)

7. It's so great that Quinn now can tell us what he wants. He's very vocal about when he wants "wah wah," "cackers" or wants to go "aout" (outside). He also starts saying "puppies" or "Kia" as we pull down our street. He's always ready to see them!

8. Since Q is such a big boy, he frequently orders from the kid's menu now. He loves corn dogs and cinnamon apples from Chili's, nuggets from Chick fil A, and chicken fajitas from a little Mexican food place by our house. He loves to "color" ... but mostly he likes to put the crayons in his mouth. They're non-toxic, right?

9. Quinn is very observant. He notices every "bert," "puppy" and "car" as we drive down the road. He's also very quick to find "boons" (balloons), the "moon" and "poons" (spoons) at anyone's house. When we go outside, he immediately looks up to find the moon, and when we visit other's homes, he walks to their stove to try to find the container of "poons" that must be close by!

10. Here are a list of things that Q is not a fan of at 15 months of age: getting his nose wiped, getting things taken away from him that he "needs", veggies, coming inside from being outside, getting a diaper change, having water drip in his eyes

11. Q is quite the little dancer. When music comes on, he immediately starts bouncing or bobbing his head. He usually has a fairly serious look on his face! We'll often see him dancing and then realize that there's music playing. He's got some good ears!

12. When we're at home, Quinn plays so well. He loves his playroom and his basket of toys in the living room. He plays well by himself and let's me get things done. But, I have to admit that I love stopping everything I'm doing to play with bubbles, read books, build with blocks, roll a ball, or try my best at those car noises that I'm not very good at. :)

13. I think Quinn is going to be a musician of some sort. He loves to hear us sing and beams when he recognizes the songs. He has even gotten very good at singing "By-O-Baby" (a song that my Papaw sang to me)! It's precious to hear him start to sing it when he's starting to get sleepy! He is also a huge fan of drums. He immediately walks to the big drum set in Daddy's youth warehouse and Cooper (our youth band drummer) often lets him hold his drum sticks. Quinn loves to carry them around (for hours) and will drum on anything and everything in sight. ...He's also loves that tambourine, bongo drum, and guitar at church.

14. We've spent a lot of time with family this month. Q had so much fun with his Poe cousins and his Broyles cousins. It's always cute to watch him interact with kids his size and age.

15. I love that Quinn loves to read. He'll sit and look at his books in his bed when he wakes up from his nap and "reads" them aloud. He'll also often bring me a book and then back up and sit in my lap so that I'll read it to him. His favorite is I Love You Through and Through. (The first book I ready to him when we got home from the hospital!)He picks it daily and sits quietly as I read the whole thing. I have it memorized so I love to watch him as he listens!

Sweet Little Sugar Boog,
You are so much fun! Every morning when I hear you wake up, my heart smiles! I love that we get to spend our days together and thank you for the joy that you bring to my life. I really think that this is my favorite age so's so obvious that you adore your Daddy and me and that is such a good feeling! When I watch you do new things, I am so very proud of you. I can't wait to watch you learn more words, discover new things, and become even more precious as the next month passes. I love you through and through....Your Mommy

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Kristin Stegent said...

Friend of Cliff and Jeani's. Read your blog some. We have a 15 month old (and a 7 week old). I especially liked this blog because our son, Manning, is into most of the same things as Quinn at 15 months. And whew...he is really starting the tantrums when he gets stuff taken away, has to get out of the bathtub, etc. I hear this will pass. :) Manning is not walking and I think that would solve much of his boredom...when he decides to let go of the furniture and take off. Anyway, I like reading your blog and get ideas from you some. I think it is cool that you and Matt are doing the nassar book. :)