Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My little man loves to say "cool." He says it all of the time...espcially when he's playing with something that he thinks is cool! (usually things he shouldn't phone, my credit cards, etc.) The time he says it the most is when he sees someone's sunglasses or if you put sunglasses on him! We've always told him how cool he looks in them and he took note. But, my favorite time he says it is when he sees me in my glasses. When I'm in my jammies, no makeup, and my glasses, he'll look at me and say "coooool!" Oh, I love you little boy! You'll make your wife very happy one day if you keep this up! :)


Jessica and Matt said...

Sooooo cute! And such a cute picture!

Remy said...

I was looking over some pictures from your Jburke photo shoot and can I just say that yall are beautiful! I am so blessed to have you as friends and I know Brad feels the same way! WE love you!!!

The Penuels said...

You ARE cool in your glasses in the morning!