Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Definitions:Part 2

hot: adjective (pronounced very breathy..."hhaaawwwt")
1. the word that Q says every time that he sees or hears the iron. If he's in another part of the house and hears the steam, he make sure to let us know that it's hot!
2. the word that Q says when he sees the dryer
3. the word that Q says when he sees the steam when something is cooking on the stove

bob-bull: noun
1. Q's favorite word of the moment.
1. What he says when he sees his 'non-spill bubble container' or sees bubbles floating in the air. He is also quick to say this when he sees the bubbles on his sign language video.

bi-bull: noun
1. Our favorite word of the moment.
2. The word that Q says when he sees the pages of a Bible. (When we were at church 2 Sunday's ago, he was playing with a stack of extra Bibles, and I kept telling him what they were. After a few minutes, he said the word himself! He was quick to show off his new word to everyone that showed their Bible to him! So precious!)

mo: noun
1. What Q says when he wants more of some sort of food item! He'll point as he says it!

nigh-nigh: noun
1. The words that Quinn says when he gets sleepy. He has even gone into his room, grabbed a blanket, and brought it to me while saying this word!

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Unknown said...

That is just about the cutest post ever! I love when kids are learning to talk and they say words so cute! I remember when my girls were that age. Truthfully, theu both still say some words silly ways, which is still cute. I'm not sure at what age they get it all right...maybe we never really do! lol :)