Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thirteen Months Old

My Thirteen Favorite Memories from the Thirteenth Month: (in no particular order)

1. Quinn now looks at our family pictures and can quickly spot "Dada" and "Mamma"...It's so precious when he finds a picture on his own and starts saying our names.

2. Quinn's First Birthday Party...what a perfect celebration for my sweet little boy! A memory that I will NEVER forget!

3. This month, we turned Q's car seat around. I love dancing to the radio in the front seat and making him laugh. I feel that he doesn't mind riding in the car near as much anymore.

4. Babies! Babies! Babies! ... There have been lots of new friends born this month and others on the way! I look at my little guy and just can't believe that he was once so tiny.

5. We survived when Daddy went to NYC for 4 days! It wasn't easy, but with the help of friends, I did it. I sure do love having 2 extra hands around play, change diapers, feed, etc. We were so glad when he got home!

6. Q started WALKING! YAY! It's crazy to watch him walk around! He's taking between 10-15 steps, so we're not going everywhere yet...but, I know the day is coming soon! ... He did have his first big spill though...he bit his tongue when he fell on our wood floors. He cried for a second, but it bled forever. He was such a tough guy. He kept sticking his tongue out wondering why it felt funny!

7. New words were added to the vocab this month: "WOW!" (in a whisper voice), "BOOO!" (for a cow sound), "haaaa" (in a whisper voice for "hot" when he sees the iron or when we blow on his food) and "Ca-ca-coo" (for peek-a-boo)

8. Quinn loves to share his food...with us, the puppies, whoever. It's very sweet! The only time it's not so sweet, is when he gets full and decides to push ALL of his leftovers on the floor. Toot!

9. We took Q to the Zoo for the very first time when we visited Abilene. He loved all of the animals so much.

10. Since Quinn was TINY, Grammer has been doing the 'touchdown' cheer with him. Well, this month, he did "touchdown" for me!!! I was sad that mom had to miss out when she had worked so hard. It's precious to watch him raise his arms and smile. He knows we love it.

11. We have been super impressed with the way that Quinn has started to "get" a lot of his toys. He'll put things together, take things apart, turn the pages of his books, put things in his trash truck and close the door, put blocks inside this little house so it'll go down the slide, push blocks out of his little wooden hammering toy and more. Such a smart little guy!

12. Playing with friends has kept us busy this month. We've had playgroups, lunches, trips to the mall, and friends over to our house to play! It's so great to watch Quinn play with his friends...what a blessing!

13. Quinn has learned to shake his head "no!" He'll point at things he knows he's not supposed to touch (puppy bowls, markers, pretty things on the hearth) and shake his head "no!" It's hilarious! Hopefully he'll be that child that puts himself in time out! :)

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The Rhodes' said...

He will only be gettign eve more fun!I love that shirt! kaden had it last year and I loved puttign him in it. little skinny thing can probably still fit in it!