Friday, April 18, 2008

These are a few of Quinn's favorite things...

In no particular order, here are a few (ok, maybe more than a few) of Quinn's favorite things...Be looking for my and Matt's list coming soon...

1. De WafelBakker's Pancakes...he can eat 2 or 3 of them (along with his fruit, milk, and yogurt) for breakfast. He loves the Organic Blueberry and the Cinnamon Sweet Potato! YUM!

2. YoBaby is a breakfast staple and he gobbles it up...Raspberry Pear, Strawberry Banana, Apple, Mixed Berry...he loves them all! 3. MAIL!... Quinn loves it when I throw the junk mail on the floor and let him go to town. He plays and makes such a mess scattering and tearing it to pieces.

4. My lens cap!... He will hold it and bite on it for hours! I've given up and often hand it to him when I'm taking his picture to put him in a good mood. If you look closely, you'll see his little hands holding it in many pics.5. Clothes pins...after using some to decorate in Q's playroom, I put the extras in the bottom desk drawer. For months now, Quinn has figured out how to open the drawer and pull out the clothespins. He loves to hold them and chew on them. He has even mastered putting the 'squeezing' end in his mouth and opening and closing it with his a little alligator. It's cute! 6. Applesauce...I started out by giving him the "no sugar" kind, but now he devours all flavors.

7. My makeup...don't judge...he's still a baby! :) He LOVES to play with it all. I sit on the floor in front of a mirror to do my makeup, and he quickly crawls to me when he sees me sit down. He loves to dig in my makeup bag and wave around all of the different things he can find. We have had a few issues with this toy (he wrote on our door with my eye liner), but he has now learned that the lip stick/gloss goes on my lips. He will often hold it up to my mouth and smile. ... Every time he does this, I reinforce that make-up is for girls!!!

8. This little wooden hammering table thing that Alli got him for his birthday...for sure, one of his faves. He'll carry the hammer around (and hammer on everything in sight) and will even try to hammer out the pieces. He's learned that it's easier to push out the he usually does that. Such a great little toy!

9. Dog food!...His weakness! The one thing that calls his name after he's heard "no" one hundred times!!! Q loves to crawl to the bowls daily...and often sneaks a piece. Maybe THIS will be my way to get him to eat veggies. There are veggies in dog food, right? 10. The beloved 'cacker' cup...he wakes up from his nap wanting it. I guess it's the freedom of getting his own snack instead of having me hand him 'cackers' one by one. This is a dream invention... every mommy must have one!

11. Passies...he wasn't dependent on them AT ALL as a tiny baby but how he loves them now. I think he'd have one in his mouth the majority of the time if we'd let him.
12. Cell phones...why do we buy the kid toys when he'd much rather play with our "toys!" He throws such a fit if we take it away! Toot!
13. The Remote...we gave him his own (an old one that has no batteries) but he knows the difference...see above explanation!

14. IKEA Stacking Cups...he gets so frustrated when he can't put them back together but loves them just the same. 15. "Wawa" ...but mainly STRAWS... he loves his water but wants a drink out of our straw more than anything. He'll point and grunt until he gets it. He doesn't necessarily like the 'fizzy stuff' that comes up the straw, but the satisfaction of drinking from it makes it ok. While we're eating, I have to take the straw out of my glass so he can concentrate on eating his food.
16. Praise Baby... I'd like to kiss the person that came up with this concept! He has loved it since he was tiny and the music isn't annoying for moms! I know that I have a good 20+ minutes to get something done when I push play on one of these!

17. Mini Animal Crackers...this is what typically goes in the snack trap...and Q has no problem eating the whole container full! These are so cute, so tiny, and so yummy. I even sneak one every now and then. (And, I can only find them at Babies R Us)

18. Baby Goldfish...another tiny and wonderful little snack. We've bought at least 15 bags since Q has started snacking.
19. "Mammas" or Bananas, as most of us like to call them... Why he's named them "mammas," I don't know....maybe because I always give them to him...or maybe because I ask him if he wants "more"... who knows? It's kind of cute! He'll eat an ENTIRE banana in one sitting. 20. Fun Shaped Chicken Nuggets... I don't guess the 'fun shapes' are necessary since I cut them up into tiny pieces, but oh well! He'll eat 3 or 4 at dinner time! YUM!
21. Uncrustables Grilled Cheese Sandwiches...they're frozen, take 20 minutes to cook, and are OH SO GOOD to Q's little tummy! Maybe not the healthiest option, but you're only a kid once!

22. The Dog Book and all /k/'s ... Quinn loves this book that he got for his birthday from Pastor Randy and Nancy. He wakes up from his nap pointing to it in his room. It's another must have!!! .. He really loves all books! He calls them "k's." (HARD K sound!) It's hilarious to watch him point to his books and say /K/! So...there they are! Quinn's favorite things for the moment! What are your favorite things?


Keri said...

Mason and Quinn share a love of goldfish, Praise Baby and cell phones. He has figured out that you can put it up to your ear and hear daddy. So he just sits and listens for Cameron if he gets ahold of one. So precious. I think I might steal your idea and do a favorite things post for each child.

Have a blessed weekend.

Meredith said...

Why is it that fake cell phones and remotes don't work?? Reid has a fascination with those too!! I'm definitely going to get one of those snack traps!

I enjoyed reading about Quinn's favorite things! :)

The Penuels said...

I just loved this happy that Quinn love his "hammer table"!! Chapman shares his love of Praise Baby, remotes, & his paci :)

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

One of my favorite things is the website you lead me too, although I need you to email me to tell me how to download them to actually use them. I need some bad for my jewelry designs. Help B!

so far I've only been able to admire the fonts and not actually use them, please change that for me.

Sharee Forman said...

Thanks for the tips Quinn...great to get an idea for the year to come! :)

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Ava was OBSESSED with her Dog Book too when she was Quinn's age. OBSESSED. We had to read it everyday!