Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Friends always show their love. What are brothers for if not to share troubles?" Proverbs 17:17

On Monday, Amy and Porter hosted an awesome playgroup! ...Complete with toys, yummy snacks, and cool BIG bubbles! ... The most exciting part of our time together was the photo shoot. You see, Amy is a photographer, and she had the great idea to take pics of our boys. So, with high expectations, we took our little men into the studio knowing that we would get the most precious shot of them laughing and playing with one another. Well, things quickly turned south as one would cry and the others would soon chime in. It turned into a pretty sad spectacle as the boys wailed for their Mommas and Amy snapped away. After two breaks and two more attempts, the results were the same! Silly boys! ... Even though we didn't get our 'picture perfect' shot, I love the realness of the pictures and how they will forever bring back the memory of all six of us singing Jesus Loves Me and trying to calm our boys! I mean...What are brothers for if not to share troubles!?
Amy & Porter, Dena & Hudson, Alli & Chapman,
Meredith & Reid, Kara & Tanner, Brittney & Quinn
{More pics of the boys coming soon!}

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