Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Like Taking Candy from a BABY!

After three yucky shots, we thought it was only fitting that Quinn have his first sucker! So, at the checkout, he got a Curious George sticker and a banana dum-dum! When we got out in the lobby of the office, I opened it up and let him go to town! To say that he loved it was an understatement! He LOVED it! We sat there for about 10 minutes as he licked and drooled away! When the shirt was completely soaked and the hands were TOO sticky, we decided it was time to take the almost devoured sucker and soggy stick away!...Well, Quinn DID NOT like that idea! He cried and cried and cried...he was heartbroken! What does it say about our son when he cries harder when his candy is taken away then he did for his shots!?


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Jessica and Matt said...

So did you give it back to him?? I feel like this story needs an ending! The party was so great--of course, over the top!

I'll get you pictures soon. I've been running non-stop, and don't even know where I put my camera after the party!