Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ten Months Old

My Sweet Little Man,
Every month ends and I feel that you couldn't get any better. But, as the new one comes and goes, I am always proven wrong! Your tenth month has been full of fun! I feel that you're really growing and changing now! You're so very aware of things and are trying to do more and more every day.
This month you went to Houston for the first time to visit your Nana, Pawpaw, Uncle Derin and Aunt Bethanie. We celebrated Christams and you loved the BIG dogs that live at their house. You also celebrated your first New Year's! We're no longer in 2007, your birth year, but now in 2008!!! (Mommy's 10th anniversary year to graduate from high school and Mommy and Daddy's 5th wedding anniversary year!) You became the "25 cloth" baby and have been such a trooper as Daddy has been working on his new business. We have taken you everywhere and have kept you up later than we probably should have, and you remained so happy! Thank you for being such a good baby!
When we went back to school after Christmas break, you continued to have a hard time! It was so hard for me to drop you off everyday knowing that you were miserable. I would hear you cry and would struggle to focus through the day teaching my 4 year old class. So, after much perseverance on both of our parts and lots of prayer, our last day of school was on January 22nd! Even though it was sad to leave my class, the joy I felt to pick you up on that last day knowing that I wouldn't have to drop you off again was so amazing! I feel that God truly opened doors to allow this to happen for us and I am so very thankful! What a blessing to be at home with my baby!
Since that day, I feel that you have been a happier baby! You laugh all of the time and smile at everything! You "talk" constantly and your furrowed brow (that makes you look just like Daddy)tells us that you must think what you're saying is extra important. You still love to say "dadadada" the most but have also started to say "momma!" When you looked at me in the light fixture department at Lowe's and said it for the first time, my heart skipped a beat! I screamed and asked you to say it again! You thought it was funny, laughed, and said "dada!" I feel that sometimes you really know what you're'll look at your Daddy and say "dada" often and will say "momma" when you wake up from your nap! We may just be hopeful, but that's ok! You also love to say 'oh oh oh' when you're intently looking at something and say "nahnahnah" and "bababa" lots too. I feel that a first word could come any day!
Even though you may not be saying any 'real' words yet, I feel that you are really starting to understand what certain words mean. You definately know what "no" means and will stop and look at us when you hear it as you're going towards a cord, the outlets, or the puppy food. We know that you understand "momma" and "dada" and "Kia & Krozby." I still predict that "Kia" will be your first word. I feel that you understand "more" because you open wide or look at me when I say it. You also know how to "splash splash" and "shake shake" when you're asked to.
Your play has really gone to a new level this month. You love all of your new toys from Christmas but will usually choose a lid, a hanger, my makeup, the springs that stop the door, or the puppies' cage as your entertainment. Opening and closing doors around the house has also beocme a new norm. You love playing the "golf ball game" with Daddy when he hides it in his mouth and then you take it out just to put it right back in again! You now pull everything off of your playroom shelves and will spend 30 minutes just sitting in your pile of books and looking at them page by page. Your favorite book is Jesus and the 12 Dudes Who Did because you always seem to pull it off the shelf first and look at it the longest.

Crawling has become second nature to you and you can get from one place to the other in no time. You pull up on everything and often let go very confidently with one hand. You'll be walking before we know it! You love to "stand" in your stroller if we don't have you strapped in all the way! You wave even more now and are trying so hard to clap. You'll clasp your hands together and shake them but don't quite understand how to do it like mommy and daddy.

In your tenth month, sleeping has become a more consistent thing around the Poe house. You take 2 pretty good naps when we're at home (that range from about 45 minutes to 2 hours) and you go to bed around 8:30 or 9 on most nights. No matter what, you usually wake up between 6:45 and 8:00 a.m. Daddy usually goes to get you and brings you in bed with us. I nurse you and then you sometimes doze for another 30 minutes to an hour. I love cuddling with you during that time and cherish it greatly!

We have been on a rollercoaster when it comes to your eating. I have always bragged about my "good eater" and,after you got super sick in the middle of the month (with a double ear infection and 'the throw ups'), you will have NOTHING to do with your veggies. When we give you a spoonfull of your green beans, sweet potatoes, or mixed veggies, you will make the most horrible face, gag and shutter. It's a horrible sight! We can get you to eat apples with squash and you'll eat some diced carrots...but that's all on the veggies side. When it comes to fruit, you'll eat anything! Since you got your 7th tooth this month, it's no surprise that you have also had lots of big boy food ...including Sesame Street organic crackers, cheerios, baby goldfish, MumMum's, pickles (I think you would eat a whole jar), tortillas, cheese, tomatoes, turkey, mashed potatoes, McDonald's french fries, ice cream and diced apples. You fell in love with "bubble gum medicine" (amoxocillian) this month and would gobble it up and leave your mouth open for more! I loved it as a kid too so I understnad! Dr. G said that we could start with whole milk this month and you're liking it ok. When I give you the cup, or any food for that matter, and you don't want any more, you turn your head, close your mouth and eyes, and put your hands above your head. It's your precious little way of saying "no more" and it cracks us up! You are still nursing about 4 times a day but pretty soon it will only be 3. I think you would nurse 10 times a day if I let you...little momma's boy!

As a tiny baby, you were very cuddly and affectionate and I prayed that it would never change. Well, God answered my prayers becasuse you are so lovey! You love to be held and love to hug. You consistently wrap your arms around our neck, lay your head on our shoulder, and scratch the back of our necks with both of your hands. You love to hold or play with my hair and, when you get sleepy and you have your passy, you will rub, twirl and pat my hair. I often have to pry your hands away from my hair when you fall asleep. When I'm rocking you and I close my eyes to encourage you to close yours, you take your little finger and try to open them. I often laugh and then it gets you laughing. You love to share and will give us and the puppies bites of your food with a big grin on your face. This month you have really started loving your passy (more than ever before) and will often share that with us as well. You think it's so funny when you put it in our mouths. You still LOVE taking baths with mommy and protest when it's time to get out. Hopefully you'll always love getting clean!
So, as we've entered 2008, know that I love you dearly and can't wait to see what the next 2 months until your birthday have in store.


Your Momma

Q was not the happiest baby for his photo shoot today. He wanted to be in my lap or playing with my lens cap...but, I still think he's beautiful! :)


The Rowe Crew said...

WOW!!! Great pics! I love hearing all he is doing. Such a cutie :o)

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Girl, love the pic's Brit. You'll lovingly recount these memories when you slurp this blog....Love ya. How did Matt like his keychain?

allyo said...

I agree...he is beautiful!

the thorntons said...

10 months?!? REALLY?! He's getting so big. Just think... those monthly pictures are just going to keep on getting more and more interesting as his little personality develops. I think it's cute that he wasn't in the best of moods! :)

Chrys and Mike said...

I say it every month - it just gets better and better. Enjoy every sweet minute of it.

He is beautiful.