Monday, November 19, 2007

Quinn's Sweet Buddies

Today, all of Quinn's friends were at playgroup for the first time. It was such a precious time to have all of our boys together and to have some 'mommy chat' time. Quinn and I love our playgroup so much and are so thankful for the friendships that are continuing to form.

The boys...

Born: 3.6.07
Known for: Being the oldest and FIRST to do everything!
(And, our entertainment during photo shoots!)


Born: 3.27.07
Known for: Being smiley for pics, having cool shoes, and being a 'mama's boy!'

Born: 7.15.07
Known for: Being super laid back, happy and extra cooperative during photo shoots.

Born: 8.13.07
Known for:Being the most 'changed' since birth, never causing a fuss, and for sweet eating noises!

Born: 8.19.07
Known for: Being a precious "little man." We know just what you'll look like when you grow up!

Born: 8.30.07
Known for: Being the 'baby' and having the coolest baby hair on the planet!


Donnell Days said...

Such cute pics! I love the "bios" of the boys. It was great seeing you two...can't wait to see you again in a few weeks! :)

Sharee Forman said... bout we make a deal. You join me in a spring sprint tri and I'll see what I can do in giving Quinn a buddy! :) Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving Break!! Are you celebrating at your house or going to grandma's this year?

Meredith said...

Super cute!!! I love the post- the bios are great!

Laura said...

this is the most precious post!!!!!! I love all those boys! Cute little synopsis of each too! I love it!

Jessica and Matt said...

So cute! I love the profiles! Gurl, Quinn looks like he's pimpin... with his pinstripes and his pseudo-"dope man" Nikes! said...

Yea for playgroup :)