Saturday, October 27, 2007

Seven Months Old

My little man,

I feel that this month you have become just that...a little man! You aren't my newborn anymore but my precious little boy! I look at you and can't believe all that you have learned in seven short months...

You now roll from your back to your tummy and vice versa with ease. You sit up like you've been doing it forever and will stay content watching the goings on of your house for long periods of time. You are continuing to scoot a little and have learned to jump in your jumparoo. You love to "sing"- especially when you're trying so hard to stay awake in the car - and you love to "spit" think you're so funny! We love it when you mimic us---you say "dadadada" ALL of the time and the "n" sound. You still gurgle when you're telling us, or your toys, something extra serious-we can tell by your furrowed brow that you mean business. You have also started "waving." It's priceless to watch you watch our hand then watch yours as you wave back!

Another thing that makes you seam more "big boy" to me is that you started baby food and you LOVE it!---Green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, peaches, bananas, pears---you make such a mess but love every bite. You still won't take a bottle, little stinker. Formula is equivalent to poison in your mind. Honestly, it makes me happy that you only want me! :)

We've had a busy month...All of your grandparents have visited (with gifts in hand, of course), Jamiann babysat you while Mommy and Daddy went to a banquet, you went to two Pumpkin Patches, had your picture taken twice, and had a Tricycle Parade at school. You also went to your first "big" football game with Daddy and absolutely loved all of the action! It won't surprise me if we watch you play in a "big" football game one day.

Sleeping at our house has had its ups and downs this month. You have spoiled us by being such a good sleeper-so change in this department has been hard. You went through a refusing to nap/fighting your swaddle/screaming into your bumper phase. You also went through a week long stretch when you woke up 2, 3 or 4 times and ended up sleeping the rest of the night in your Daddy or my arms. Soon after those nights, we found TWO teeth in the top of your little mouth. That explains the gallons of drool that you've been producing! We've prayed a lot for you and hope for many 10 hour nights to come! :)

The hardest thing for me this month has been moving you to your "big boy" car seat. Not so much for the car, but that the 'carrier in the stroller' days are over. I have always loved looking at you and talking to you while I push you around the mall, in the store, or into school. You now face out and look at your world instead of your momma. But, you do look up at me every now and then and melt my heart!

So, as month six has turned to seven, and month seven will soon turn into eight, know that I love you more with each passing day---I love your hugs and kisses, the way you snuggle on my shoulder when you get shy and the way you squeal when you see me walk into the room. Your Daddy and I couldn't be more proud to have you as our son.

Your Mommy

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too cute! I don't know how to add you to my "friends" or whatever it's called but I'll be writing in here often!

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