Monday, July 30, 2007

Four Months Old

My sweet little mister,
This month I have had so much fun being your mommy. I look around at other mommas that I see and wonder if they could truly love their baby boy as much as I love you. I don't know how I have fallen in love so deeply, but I have! You are such a happy baby and I still delight in each smile and laugh that you bring. Even though I feel like you have always been a part of our lives, you are growing like crazy! I already have a tub full of clothes, shoes and jammies that are just too small. Please don't grow up too fast!

You have had many more firsts --- you met your only, living great-grandfather, you traveled to Bethanie and Derin's for your first 4th of July and to Abilene to stay at Grammer and Slickpaw's house for the first time. Grammer threw you an amazing "Sip and See' where many ladies came to ooh and aah over how perfect you are. You visited mommy's school, Baylor, for the first time and also took your first dip in the pool-how cute you were in your tiny board shorts and floppy hat.

You are learning so much more about Jesus because you went to the nursery at church and to Vacation Bible School this month. You also watch your Praise Baby DVD's in such awe and "sing" along with the sweet worship songs.
I keep telling your daddy that I'm ready to put you in your own room at night instead of in your bassinet in our room but we all know it's not true. I love being able to check on you so easily in the night and I love to see you smile at me as soon as I sit up to peek in your bed. I know that it's time, and that you'll do just fine in your 'big boy bed,' but it's one of those things that's so hard for me.
We're still trying to get you on a schedule but are just too busy. Thankfully you nap beautifully when we're out and about, but I know we need to be more consistent. Maybe next month we'll be on track. I have a hard time putting you in your bed for naps. I love holding you way too much and keep telling myself that you won't be a baby forever.

You have started to have an opinion about certain things and it's too funny! You have chosen a specific passy and gag when I try to give you any others. We tried to give you a little formula and you wanted nothing to do with it. I thought that maybe you just weren't hungry, but ate and ate when I nursed you --- silly boy!

I think it's the little things about being your mommy that I love the most. I love pushing you around in the buggy at the grocery store and telling you about the things that we're buying. I love rocking you to sleep! I love giving you a bath and getting you ready. I love taking you to church and holding you during praise and worship.... I love you so much!

Your Mommy

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Jessica and Matt said...

It's hard to believe that he's already bigger than his monkey! If I think he's growing fast, I'm sure you do!!