Friday, June 22, 2007


YAY! We were very happy to have Matt back home today from camp. Even though my mom was here to help, having Matt gone made me realize how much I appreciate him. He is such a good daddy and we definitely missed him a ton! Quinn knew his daddy right away and had many stored up smiles to give him! ...

And, when we got home, Quinn and I showed Matt the new playroom. We were so glad that he loved it. When we were in there, we all took off our shoes. When I went back in the room and saw our three pairs of flip flops all sitting there, I almost got's crazy that my little family is now 3 instead of 2...and that we are so blessed to have Quinn Davis Poe filling our lives with more joy than we ever could have imagined.


Chrys and Mike said...

Love the flip-flop pic and comment.


Jessica and Matt said...

I love his shirt. What a cute puppy dog "character!" :)