Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Busy Little Family

... I know, I know...it has been FOREVER since I posted pics of my sweet baby boy. We have been quite the busy family! From church stuff, to basketball games, to the Broyles' Family Reunion, to Father's Day...we haven't stopped! This week, Matt is gone to Junior High Camp and Quinn's Grammer is here to help me with his playroom and to get ready for Matt's 30th birthday! ... Here are some pics to highlight our fun times lately...

Our own little perfam3!

With my Slickpaw!

"Macho just like Daddy" on Father's Day

Sweet realatives loving on Baby Quinn!
One proud Slickpaw!
Packing for a baby is REDICULOUS!
Spending time with Daddy!

S.B.G. stands for Spoiled by Grandpa...that's the truth!
Here's one of the surprises that Quinn and I got Matt for Father's Day! He loved it and we were so glad! Check out our matching shoes!
Such a happy baby!

Loving all of this attention!

My Grammer and Slickpaw!
Trying a lime for the first time...yuck!
Look at our matching seersucker...aren't we cute!?

And..life at home...

Loving my panda...the bumble bee on the other side gets NO attention!
Resting with mommy!
Such a big boy in my bumbo seat while Grammer and Mommy work on my playroom!


Jessica and Matt said...

Cute, cute! I especially love the alligator. :) And I think you're a meanie for giving him lime. It reminds me of the first time Jordan took a drink of a Coke! Such a funny face! And the Vans picture is perfect!

Sharee Forman said...

Wow, you guys have been very busy!! So fun that you got to show him off to all your family!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

THAT PIC turned out awesome! The shirt, and shorts are PERFECT! :)

the thorntons said...

I knew Matt would have the best first Father's Day ever because you (and Quinn) are so creative! What a cute picture. Well, ALL of them are cute, but I love love love the one y'all gave him. I miss your little family...I need a visit soon!