Sunday, April 01, 2007

Quinn Davis Poe's Birthday: Our Story

On Monday, March 26th, I got up and went to school thinking that I would have one more day of work before my sweet baby would be born on Wednesday. As the day went on, things quickly changed. I got a call from my doctor's office saying that there had been a mix up and my induction was scheduled for Tuesday instead of Wednesday! I couldn't believe it! I had a RUSH of different emotions....nervous, excited, anxious, the need to get busy, etc. So, I planned for my sub and said goodbye to my first graders. Our families immediately changed plans and were in the car soon after they heard the news! Matt was so excited he could hardly stand it! So, we went to the doc's office on Monday and she performed a quick check...she thought I was a great candidate for induction that next day!!! WOW! Was my mind racing! Matt and I had a good night...we went to Willow Bend, ate at Scotty P's, packed and enjoyed being together as "just us" for one last time! We knew that tomorrow our lives would forever be changed!

So, we went to bed and tried to sleep! Crazy enough, I slept pretty good!!! Our alarms awoke us at 3:45 a.m. to call the hospital to make sure there was a bed available for Baby Quinn and me...and there was! Matt and I (and our families that had arrived last night) got up and started getting showered and ready for our baby boy's birthday!

The drive to the hospital was fun! We talked about how crazy it was that Baby Quinn was going to be in our arms today! We listened to Frank Sinatra and videoed our ride. We arrived at the hospital a little after 5...and up the elevator we went to the 3rd floor.

When we got to our room, they greeted us by name and took us immediately to our plush delivery room. My sweet nurse, Mary, asked me lots of questions, had me sign some papers, handed me my gown, and told me to get changed! We did some blood work, signed some more papers, got an IV and started the induction by about 6:30. It was crazy to me that I was being given medicine that was going to make me hurt very badly...but, in turn, bring my little man into the world!
We had a full room from the very beginning...Matt's parents, my parents, Sarah, Molly, Dave Dryden, Randy, Steve, and more! It was a party! I was feeling good..talking to people on the phone and eating my gourmet ice chips with a spoon. We took pictures, laughed and had a good time!
My favorite part of the whole experience (pre-baby, of course) was hearing Quinn's heartbeat the whole time. They had me hooked up to a monitor to allow us to hear the sweet sound! We could watch it change and wonder just what he was doing and thinking! My least favorite part was when the contractions came on! At first, they weren't so bad. I could take them with a smile, keep chatting with my friends/family and watch the screen as they passed. But, as time went on...the smiles got more and more fake! The nurse would do 'checks' frequently! I started at 2 centimeters...almost 3... and went to a 4...almost 5 by about 11. That's when things started to pick up! At about 11:30, I decided that "being tough" wasn't necessary anymore (actually, I think Matt decided it!) and called for my epidural. The doc came in and, by the time he left, I was feeling MUCH better! Matt and I decided that we wanted to take a little cat nap. So, with everyone kicked out, we rested for about an hour. After the hour was up, Mary checked me again and I was at a 7!!! Everyone was surprised at how fast it happened. I was starting to feel a little more pain, so the nurse called in for more meds in my epidural. When I got them, I was feeling great again!... About 30 minutes after that, Baby Quinn's heartbeat started to drop. People weren't panicking, but were definitely being proactive. I was panicking!!!! I didn't like seeing numbers so low when they had been so high. Apparently, Dr. Webster was called (out of a surgery) to check it all out. When she got to the room, I was at a 9...but, the bad news was...they had given me too much medicine in my epidural and I had NO feeling from my tummy to my toes. They put me on oxygen for Baby Quinn and because I was shaking so horribly. I thought that I was just nervous, but the doc said it was a side effect of the epidural.
After checking things out, Dr. Webster decided that we were going to wait for about an hour to let the epidural wear off a bit so I could push. But then, she stepped back, looked at the monitor for a while longer, and said that I could do it...she wanted to get him out now and wanted me to push with NO feeling! .... So, with Matt holding one leg and Mary holding the other, I began to push! In less than 30 minutes...and NO PAIN...because I was numb...thank you Jesus...our sweet baby, Quinn Davis Poe, had entered the world!

Words truly cannot describe how I felt the second I saw him! He was perfect!!! More perfect than we ever could have dreamed...and, just seconds before, he was in my tummy! What an amazing miracle! They cleaned him up and then Matt and I had our special time with him before we called in our family! He just looked at Matt and I like he had known us forever and was so peaceful. We cried and laughed at what had just taken place.

After some time, Matt went out in the lobby to tell everyone the good news. There were so many people waiting and knowing that made me feel so good! Matt was such a proud daddy! The proudest I've ever seen!
And then the visitors came rushing in!!! First our families...Grammer, Slickpaw, Nana, Papa, Aunt Bethanie, Uncle Derin (Baby Quinn's only REAL aunt and uncle) ...then some of my very best friends in the world!!! What a blessing to have Auntie Sarah, Auntie Molly and Aunt Shannon there right away! Seeing their reactions to our precious baby boy was priceless!
After some time, Quinn was whisked away to get cleaned up and Matt and I were sent to the next floor to go to our room. That's when the fun began...visitors, visitors, visitors! The pride we felt to be able to show off our little man to our dear family and friends was a feeling I can't describe. Of course, Matt and I think he's the most beautiful baby in the world...and having people that agree felt wonderful!



Papa and Nana

Mimi...Quinn's great-grandma

Uncle Brooks

Uncle Brad
The Purdum's and Autnie Sarah
The Bible Babes
Aunt Jessica
The Boon first grade teachers
What a day!!! What a picture perfect day!...Our son's birthday! It is a day that will forever be replayed in our hearts and minds! We are so blessed and so thankful that our Quinn Davis Poe...the little body that is 1/2 of me and 1/2 of finally here! (Our first nose picture....Happy Birthday, my baby!)


Jessica and Matt said...

SO SWEET! I almost cried reading it. It's still so crazy to me that he's really here!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I hope I didn't overstay my welcome today! I mean 4 hours? went by so fast! Thank you for letting me hold for 3 and getting to experience feeding time! And, again thank you for answering all my stupid questions! He is perfect and you look great! You are such a natural at all of this!!!!! I love you! Make sure you send me those pics of me and Quinn today. :)

Natalie said...

I found your blog through Sarah's. Congratulations! Quinn is perfect and so handsome and you look like a natural momma!
Natalie (Brown) Timmerman

the thorntons said...

Yay!! I'm so happy you have the whole birthday documented. I just smile everytime I think about it. I posted pics on my blog too, not that you are at a loss for pictures. ha!! We'll be in town Friday-Sunday, so Ryan has to come meet Baby Q whenever YOU want us to come. Love you! :)

campers said...

awww the sweet nose pic!!! I can't wait to meet him! I love you and I am so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I remember the NOSE pictures! I am so happy for you! CRYING RIGHT NOW!