Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spoiled Little Man...already

On Sunday, Baby Quinn and I had our first shower and it was amazing! My sweet friends from church hosted the most perfect event and I can't stop thinking about how blessed we are and how amazing everything was. Tons of people came to our pastor's wife's house to help me celebrate...and to say that Quinn was showered with gifts would be an understatement. After bringing it all home, the list of "must haves" for Baby Quinn is very short. I am so thankful for my precious friends and all of the planning that went into our shower...from prayer magnets, to a sweet pregnancy slide show, to our 'blessing bank', to our tips scrapbook...I was in awe! The most precious cake I've ever seen...it matched the invites perfectly!

A pic of the sign in, my 'belly shot' and the prayer magnets. Sweet bibs..."I love my mommy!" and "My mommy loves me!" The "blessing bank"...what a sweet memory!

Shannon (above) and Jessica (below)...they both did too much! I love them more than words can say!

My Baylor RMY, Sharee...I'm so glad that she came to celebrate!

My big 'ol belly from the side at 34 weeks! WOW!

Trying to pick the prayer magnet that has Baby Quinn's bday...I think my mom and dad must have bets out!

The gift table...is it not the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen! The boys came at the end to help us load the car!!!


Jessica and Matt said...

It was so fun, and there were SO many people there! I'm so glad that things are coming together so well! Not surprised, but very glad. I'm starting to really get ready for him to be here. :) :)

campers said...

Ohhh So much fun! I can't wait til this weekend and to see you, your belly, and all the fun baby boy stuff! Love u!

Laura said...

Look at all those presents for the precious:)! I will be in Abilene this weekend for your shower, a wedding, and another shower too! I can't wait to see your belly one last time before Baby Quinn is here!

the thorntons said...

Holy cow! That's GREAT!! We always knew that Quinn would be spoiled, but goodness!! I'm so happy your shower was fun. Can't wait to see you SOON!

Sharee Forman said...

Soo fun to see all those things for your little man!! It's weird looking at that pic of us and then comparing/remembering all those pics just like that in college!! We look so old, and you're having a BABY!! :) You're shower was so amazing, I'm glad I could come celebrate with you! Have so much fun at your Abilene shower. My momma will be there, wish I could too! Happy Spring Break! :)