Sunday, May 07, 2006

I just can't do it...

Well, there's one thing that I've definitely learned over to say 'no!!!' I can remember when my friends asked me to go to a scary movie in high school or Freshman year at Baylor, I would go (stupid peer pressure, I guess)...but would hate it and would have nightmares for weeks. So, around my Sophomore year, I learned that it is SO much better to stay home alone, work on my scrapbook, and have a good night's sleep. The same is now true with hospital shows. I really do like them...but after they're over, I can't stop thinking about them and the horrible things that can happen to people. (a.k.a. me, Matt, etc.) As I write, Matt and Brooks are watching Gray's Anatomy and I easily said that I would rather not join them. Even though Matt always tries to get me to sit with him to watch it, I'm proud of me for saying no...and will sleep much easier. Call me crazy if you'd like...but at least I won't be thinking about the 1 in a million thing that could happen to my heart tonight! :)

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