Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My bubble...

I think today I realized how I truly live in a bubble! Phrases that I use often are...
1. Wear your Poe's Pickles t-shirt tomorrow!
2. Put your work on the Zebra Table!
3. I'm looking to see who deserves a Banana Buck!
4. Pull your reminder!
5. We're going to use crayons, not markers!
6. Lunch choices today are...
7. You may work on things in your Kia Folder!
8. Voices off in the hallway please.
9. Let's play Sparkle!
10. "Silly Frogs" you may line up..."Yellow Horses" you may line up..."Raging Firecrackers" you may line up..."Super Angels" you may line up... life! Isn't it grand!!!

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